Fans of Eiichiro Oda's manga are all waiting to find out what will be in ONE PIECE 1000. However, this will only be one step towards a bigger goal, namely reaching Laugh Tale and finding out what Gol D. Rogers treasure is. as well as becoming the new pirate king.

It is precisely in this regard that one of the editors of Eiichiro Oda intervened. Yuuji Iwasaki is that new editor for ONE PIECEAccording to a number of other collaborators that the mangaka has had in recent years. Iwasaki revealed Shonen Jump on TV during a promotional event at the Weekly editorial office to learn what One Piece is and what will be featured on Laugh Tale. He discovered it right on his twenty-fourth birthday and since then he has been watching a lot of videos on Youtube with various fans trying to say what One Piece is. So far nobody has come near.

He later admitted that he also knows when A PIECE will end, albeit he couldn't say whether it would end with the Tankobon 120. He revealed that the manga will end in a couple of years, but when it was time to say the number, the program appears to have cut the scene, perhaps on purpose to create a mysterious effect. One thing is certain, however: the adventure in the world of ONE PIECE will take a long time.

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