Anime continues to grow and reports have confirmed this for years. The anime industry had excellent results in 2020, yet new information is coming thanks to the reports recently published in Japan.

The Japanese Animators Association (AJA) published the report on the anime industry related to the events in 2021, published it on Friday, November 11th and confirmed that the Japanese animation industry is growing strongly. Considering all anime-related industries, which therefore also includes merchandising, music and other related elements, there are It was a 13.3% growth for the anime industry compared to the previous year. This is the highest number since reports from The Hague began. This earned a Market value of up to 2.74 trillion yen, or about 19 billion euros. The previous record was set in 2019 and was 2.514 billion yen.

This result was achieved thanks to positive behavior on both the Japanese and foreign markets, although the latter yielded slightly less returns than the domestic market. Much of the credit also goes to the streaming market, with 154.3 billion collected (corresponding to a growth of 65.9% compared to 2020) and thanks to merchandising, 14% higher, reaching 663 billion yen.

Meanwhile, the biggest anime store ever is reopening in Japan.

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