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Chapter 19: Taking revenge on Desmond

Everything seems to indicate that the Desmond company has destroyed its competition, the young son of the future former president of the company decides to take revenge on the youngest of the Desmonds. He tries to throw him out, but he doesn't succeed because Anya prevents him from doing so, but he is honest and says everything he thinks and suffers. Damian, his friends and the classroom try to cheer him up and make his dying wishes come true before he drops out of school. Little George leaves in tears, but on the same day his father tells him that the company hasn't gone bankrupt, it's just been bought. The next day, George goes to school with a face full of shame, very uncomfortable. You have to return everything.

chapter opinion

About the first part. It was too moving but I felt like this was all the plot for the punchline of a joke, it was like George didn't drop out of school. I would have preferred to stay there than someone who has left as that has given Damian and the room a glimpse of full humanity and genuine camaraderie, something very little has been seen before. For her part, Anya plays a comical relief role due to her gestures and behavior, which is normal for her, but it would have been good to use that context for her to develop a little more empathy. So the George thing seems to me to have been a wasted plot for some character development.

Mom, fly like the wind

Now with the little part of Yor that I always want to see her in a mission that from the first few chapters (if I'm not wrong) we haven't seen her in her murders. Still, I felt this part to be: take, there is Yor, look at her, admire her and nothing else. If I try to look for something that can help in the long term I would say that in some ways it helped improve or develop the relationship between the couple that at this lunch you don't know what else could have happened can ( and I would add wink* wink* but impossible ).

From what I've seen in the previews, a new character will appear that readers of the manga will surely already know. Finally I hope Bond has more input, I love this dog.

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