Twenty-five years of journeys in Pokémon - even if a few months have passed in the anime - between unknown regions, inaccessible places, unique battles. All of this was only possible because Ash had important friends and with excellent skills. In the beginning it was Misty and Brock, then May, Dawn, Iris and so on until the last arrival Go.

Thanks to all these companies, Ash was able to find his way and reach a defining moment in his career Pokemon: Explorations. The new anime presented a new Pokémon league, in which the protagonist obviously took part. And it wasn't an easy fight considering there are multiple champions in attendance, most notably finalist Dandel. But in the end, the protagonist triumphed: Ash won the Pokémon League after 25 years.

However, as previously mentioned, Ash was never alone: ​​his mother, Dr. Oak and Tracey watched the fight from the stands. But then, connected elsewhere, all the other protagonists of Pokémon were there: from the companions of Alola to Iris, Serena and Vera, Lucinda and then the two historical companions of Kanto and Johto or Brock and Misty. Along with them and the Pokemon that were banned from the last few rotations, Ash couldn't feel alone and so was the victory of all of them.

The lower picture, with excerpts i Moments from Pokémon: Explorerscommemorates all of Ash's travels.

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