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This review for Senyoku no Sigrdrifa contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter yet, I recommend doing it and then reading the review again. '

(C)) 戦 翼 倶 楽 / 909 整 備 補給 隊

Chapter 4: The Battle of the Men in Bathing Suits and the Wandering Women at Tateyama Castle.

Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Chapter 4. The squad must retreat temporarily when dealing with four pesky pillars that revive no matter how many times they are defeated. Away from the grassroots, in a civilian camp, the girls are looking for a way to deal with the pillars' annoying ability. Fortunately, Azuzu quickly discovers how to beat them thanks to a video taped by the kids in the area. The only problem is they have no way of reaching the base or their planes without first attracting the pillars' attention. Fortunately, the shield troop may have them covered.

Since they thought that something like this could happen, they prepared a tunnel that leads to the base and hides the girls from the pillars. While the need to wear a bathing suit in this situation can be somewhat questionable, it is best to just ignore it and move on. While the tunnel presented certain obstacles, it was nothing that the soldiers on the base couldn't deal with.

After their peculiar journey, the girls finally reached the base safely, and without wasting time they went to the hangar to fly. Unusually, someone else was already in the sky providing support and drawing the attention of the pillars. With all the setbacks out of the way, the situation was quickly resolved and the identity of the unexpected support has yet to be known.

The ocean ... I think?

Ah ... I have no idea what happened. I'm not sure how to handle this. I guess I can only blame myself for thinking that Sigururi It would be different. In some ways it was certainly very different from a lot of the shows I've seen. But seriously explain to me how this episode happened.

(C)) 戦 翼 倶 楽 / 909 整 備 補給 隊

I suppose you might think of this as the beach episode or something. I mean, I'm not going to contradict the logic used to show the girls in bathing suits, even though I would have preferred to be just them ... Don't mind, let's just say how uncomfortable the word is, especially if You use the phone to watch the series and it's so close to your face ...

Um, in any case, I have no idea what to write about it. What was the purpose of that and how did we get here from the previous episode? I am not frustrated or disappointed or anything. If I had to describe my reaction after watching the episode, it would be something like being stunned in connection with the shield troop's smile. It is appreciated, but I am still very confused.

I suppose it's because I arrive with a normal episode if something like that exists in the anime. But when the first thing you see are the girls flying their planes in bathing suits (which must surely be extremely uncomfortable) my brain screamed for the context of such a situation.

Ultimately, they surprised me with their idea of ​​going back to the fourth episode, an unusual take on the beach episode or whatever. No doubt that first impression, and the fact that the situation was escalating, had its own charm. I just needed time to assimilate. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't have been a problem, but this time I really wasn't expecting something like that.

You don't normally go through caves that way

Yes, I left this completely separate as a separate section as I understood here that I just shouldn't think too much about it and just go with the flow. I know it wouldn't be difficult to find more absurd and exaggerated situations in other anime (how wonderful to be able to say something like that), but what can I say, this makes its own impression.

All soldiers in doubt are men of culture, whom we largely understand and can support with their wishes and actions. They're a pretty passionate group, and they're also a little angry. That smile at the start of the trip told me everything I needed to know about the trip and its intentions. At the very least, I'll give them some credit for doing their duty, even if the method may have been something extraordinary.

(C)) 戦 翼 倶 楽 / 909 整 備 補給 隊

His problem solving and the weird handsome guy who kept falling but kept coming back definitely had his brilliance. There's nothing here to take seriously, I could just watch them build bridges between their passions and desires (literally) to support the girls. Extra credits for trying to adhere to the knight's code, that is, not taking advantage of it and "looking", although I don't think that's worth much as the girls are in bathing suits thanks to them.

Really what more can I say about that. It was such an unusual trip that was a bit uncomfortable at times, but at least I found it very entertaining to see it. It was so exaggerated and absurd at times that he just couldn't help but smile in any situation. It wasn't enough to make me laugh, but it certainly has its own charm. However ...

Final remark

After how I talk about it Sigururi in the previous letter, so this will be the next episode ... I'm a little disappointed with myself thinking this series was going to be special. Well, I suppose it has its own charm, but not what I expected. And I'm not saying what I've done so far is bad, if not I'm not sure what to expect from each new episode of Sigururi.

I don't know if to say you need a clear direction or if you have trouble deciding what type of series to be. Episodes one and three made me believe that perhaps I was investigating more sensitive ideas regarding the Valkyries' responsibility and the sacrifices made for their good. The second felt like a somewhat generic episode and not too much in my opinion. And now, episode four is episode four. In general, I thought I was doing something new according to a pretty normal formula.

At least I'll say I still enjoy the show despite all of that. Talk about complaints I have about not directing the show, but I still find entertainment in every episode, and that in itself is perhaps more important right now.

(C)) 戦 翼 倶 楽 / 909 整 備 補給 隊

I can always imagine what the next episode will look like and fail again. Even if I repeat this cycle through to the end, if I keep enjoying every episode, it was at least worth it after the weekly series. In the end, I'll find out if the show as a whole was really something I adored, or if it was just a good weekly distraction.

And no, I won't say anything about it ED. I have nothing to say about it, it's not my style of ED. At least the production team seems to be enjoying this series. I'm not sure how to explain the latter, but it definitely feels like a really fun project to work on. Sigururi It makes me feel like that and it entertains me too so it's still a win so far.


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