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(C)) 戦 翼 倶 楽 / 909 整 備 補給 隊

Chapter 2: Sea attack on Umihotaru

Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Chapter 2. After the successful mission and welcome party the day before, Claudia now deals with the beaming Miyako and her idea of ​​holding a meeting for the Valkyrie troops. After the girls are reunited, Miyako continues with the introductions. This is the first step for the team to get to know each other better. Before Claudia can imagine, however, an alarm sounds that signals the appearance of a Pilar.

The target appeared in Umihotaru, where civilian victims can already be observed in the area of ​​the pillar. A rescue operation has the highest priority, but a spherical barrier created by the column prevents any access. As a countermeasure, they choose an underground tunnel through which the Valkyries can reach the inside of the barrier.

Although it is a risky maneuver, the team manages to get inside the barrier without any problems. Now all that remains to be done is to remove the pillar and save the civilian population. This pillar uses both the ocean around them and its own flames to attack the squad. Likewise, the squad has the tools necessary to take down this enemy. It doesn't take long for Claudia to deliver the coup de grace, and as a little bonus, she manages to introduce herself. After the column has been removed and those affected receive support, the mission will be completed successfully.

Get to know Tateyama better

In the previous episode, we took a close look at how things go in Tateyama. This military base is certainly not up to the standard expected from these facilities. It's crazy, with somewhat unusual characters; it really doesn't leave a very positive impression if you're not used to seeing places like this.

In particular, I think of the initial impression Claudia had of what Japan would look like and the first impression she had of the country. Big difference between expectation and reality that we have here. Although we're only talking about their way of being out of combat, although they remain a peculiar group without importing it, at least it is a group that constantly shows itself to be capable and competent.

This, of course, is nothing that we couldn't see with the previous episode. In this episode we really only got a glimpse of everyday life in Tateyama. Miko is so bright and energetic all the time and infects everyone around her with joy. It also has a good effect on the audience. At least I felt happier and more energetic after watching her for a while. Azu is still as tsundere and arrogant as ever, which continues to be very entertaining.

However, it is Sonoka that I like the most. When it's just her and Claudia on stage I feel a little relaxed, it's nice because their conversations are actually calm and easy. While Miko tends to interact with everyone around her because of her personality, Sonoka feels natural and personal. Although she is the youngest, she continues to show herself to be the most considerate, hardworking, gentle and sweet of the others. For some reason, I feel like he's a character who might prove to be more relevant to the story than the rest, although maybe that's just my bias.

And finally we have the protagonist of the story. Claudia is not as rigid or aloof as others who follow a similar stereotype. She's certainly a bit clumsy when it comes to some of her interactions with the rest of the base, but even so, every interaction with the other Valkyries ends up refreshing and natural. In particular, I really liked the way she presented herself in the middle of a fight. I would say it was the right time and place to do it.

However, none of this is new. Good details have been added for the characters and base in this episode. However, I can't get out of my head that the episode could have been made more for. While I was enjoying it, such a feeling lingers in my head. I'm not entirely sure what to get out of an idea like this, but ultimately I feel like the episode could have been used differently.

Columns ...

I have to do a JOJO reference before the series ends or I am not satisfied with myself. Other than that, the pillars, the current antagonists in the story ... aren't that much. I mean, they're not very interesting to me and are more of a huge target to blow up as ostentatiously as possible.

I wouldn't really mention them if we couldn't finally observe what kind of threat they pose to humanity. They clearly have a huge arsenal, but the way they harm the people around them is a bit peculiar.

Without using the strongest attacks against civilians, it appears that it creates some type of toxin or maybe a virus. When I see the civilians around them just fainted with no apparent damage and without us being able to observe the cause, all I can do is immerse myself in that this is how they work.

Perhaps it is even magic that evokes such a response, but it is unusual for them to choose to give them such a method to cause sacrifices rather than just use their arsenal to eliminate people. It's a fairly passive method with no apparent aggression. This can be explained later, but it is certainly not what I imagined.

Final remark

Ok, I'm just saying that it felt like a pretty normal episode between stories that go this route. That's probably why you feel this way. It's enjoyed, but it continues to leave that uncomfortable feeling that you keep thinking about, "Oh, so that's what we're going to do."

However, this is only the second episode so I want to try to avoid such thoughts. I shouldn't go to the next episode and believe that the same old formula is used. I still think this series has potential and I'll think about it until the end.

(C)) 戦 翼 倶 楽 / 909 整 備 補給 隊

Enough of such thoughts, because there is one detail that drew my attention to Claudia and the Valkyries. At first I believed that the Valkyries were sent by the so-called Odin, something similar to the myth (don't ask me for details, a Norse mythologist still has no expertise). So I found it interesting to hear Claudia's story with her father.

It may not be of interest to others, but such a story made me curious about the Valkyries selection method. Perhaps the planes are the only weapon Odin gave to the people, or perhaps the girls also receive some form of guidance or blessing from the god mentioned above. That's a detail that made me quite curious about the episode.

Apart from what I already mentioned, I didn't notice much in the episode. It sounds like I'm repeating myself too many times, but I really expected more from this episode after thoroughly enjoying the previous one. Still, I was able to talk to the episode, but I can't ignore how I am feeling right now.

Ending this negatively doesn't really feel like me, so I'll just say instead that I still feel positive Sigururi. It doesn't open up here if you make the best impression based on my words alone, but I really think this series will be a lot more by the end.


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