Berserker: A fan makes a scary Halloween pumpkin dedicated to Guts

Every holiday is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild, and during this time, like every year, many anime fans carve thousands of pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. In particular, we decided today to draw your attention to this Create Reddit users, dedicated to Kentaro Miura's masterpiece.

As you can see below, the user The_RealSpeedwagon carved a pumpkin with Guts, the black warrior, who wears berserk armor and holds the legendary dragon slayer sword. The fan’s creation shows the protagonist in a pose that all readers of the manga will remember. This is used by Guts when he completely loses control and is dominated by armor.

Berserk recently returned to the kiosk with Chapter 362, then announced a new hiatus indefinitely. Unfortunately in 2020 Kentaro Miura has only published three chapters of his workFortunately, however, the quality of the story and the drawings remained extremely high.

What do you think about it? How would you rate the creation of the fan? Let us know with a comment in the box below! So when you talk about Berserk, don't miss the opportunity to read our special for 30 Years of Manga, in which we talked at length about the future of work.

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