Not all passions are understood, even if they are harmless and very personal. Recently, a story went viral in China about a student who, after accidentally showing his passion, was surprised by the embarrassment and mischievous looks of his classmates.

For some time now, the Chinese government has been tightening its policies against violent and erotic souls, which are considered immoral and anti-ethical. In fact, in the land of the dragon, the enormous censorship phenomena against animation products, as in the case of Maid Dragon, often cause a stir.

However, a user recently shared a photo on Twitter, the same photo attached to the bottom of the news, which immediately went viral on the internet. It is a projection in a medical room of the desktop of one Student performing anime girl with big fanfareThat means Shoukaku from Azur Lane. The photo has gone viral as the owner of the computer can be seen with his hands in front of his face to hide from embarrassment while the teacher gapes at the boy in amusement in front of a class.

Many users have defended the young student, urging him not to be ashamed of preserving his passions. Someone else, on the other hand, pointed the finger at the classroom attitude, while still others couldn't help but underline the embarrassment of having such a desktop wallpaper.

And you instead, what do you think of this situation? Tell us what you think about it with a comment below.

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