In the Spy x Family 1x17 class task, Anya worked with Damian to get a good score. However, that was only the start. During the eighteenth episode of the anime adaptation, the sixth of the second cours, at Eden Academy exams begin mid-year.

Spy x family 1x18 Start with Prof. Henderson submitting the results of an assignment previously completed by his students. Anya gets the worst grade of all, a measly 13/100. The little girl isn't great at studying, but she's confident that she'll pass the next exams by reading the minds of her rather nerdy classmates. However, on the day of the trial there will be a full moon which, as revealed in the Spy x Family episode, will nullify his telepathic powers.

Anya is therefore forced to study in order not to risk getting a new Tonitrus, even if her attempts are in vain. So to Uncle Yuri Briar, summoned by Yor's mother, eventually results in Anya's inability to learn. The only solution is for Twilight to infiltrate the school and change her daughter's answers before the teacher corrects them.

wearing one of his disguises Loid infiltrates Eden, but discovers another elite spy named Daybreak. It is eventually revealed that this secret agent had infiltrated to turn the Desmonds' grades into negative results. Loid, on the other hand, decides to go home after seeing Anya's exam.

Spy x Family 1x18 jumps five days later if i assignment grades are placed in the court of Eden. Damian finished 11th overall, Becky 46th and Anya just 213th. That's enough to avoid losing school.

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