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Chapter 3: A Bare Knife

Kawai Rika saves one girl and then annoys another, Ohno. Rika has financial problems, so she asks to borrow money to get an egg, follows her home and escorts her to the hospital to see Neiru, but Rika is a nuisance to her. He stays with Ohno in his house and they talk about private matters without much depth. When they fall asleep, they are synchronized and appear in Rika's "dreams", they break the eggs and have to save two fanatical friends from one Idols, Yu-Yu. At the shelter, Rika's sincerity is presented and Ohno's memories bring her to battle, but Rika is turned to stone by the nightmare of her dead friends.

Chapter Opinion

The chapter amazed me, first for Rika and second for the songs they play. I will get into this later. WEP It is shown as an anime touching on subtopics that we could call global, very different from various animes that follow the same path that was followed a few years ago. These subtopics won't be there, but they have some weight in the plot, maybe not that strong, but they are things that just serve to get attention. Two subtopics are the ones that stand out: beauty (what you can achieve with it) and sugar (from friends). At this point, despite their vast differences, it is almost impossible not to draw parallels Modoka Magicabecause they are the same at the level of action. In his autonomy WEP put out another good chapter.

Rika and the cliché

Kawai Rika how kawaii because she is cute, she is the new character that is shown. It fulfills the role of the character who is annoying and uncomfortable, which does it well because I really wanted to remove it and that is good and doesn't degrade the anime. But I couldn't believe Rika was a cliché, just well done. In a single chapter he generated antipathy, but also empathy in the last part based on a character prototype. The cliché character is a generalization that can have different developments depending on the context. Understanding a generalization, however, is not bad in and of itself because it is easier for the viewer to feel or otherwise despise, and this has to do with what we want and what not.

Selfish, unfriendly, annoying, outrageous, irritable and pretty. Loathsome and well-written, hated and loved. Rika causes this dichotomy because the information we have makes us understandable. And his personality is understandable because we are like that too.

What should i cover?

Rika reminded me of a chapter in the fantastic manga Koko wa ima kara rinri desu, in Chapter 21. What do we cover in our looks and actions? Don't we want to cover up even the smallest of our shortcomings? Beauty covers our internal defects, negligence covers our pain. Rika is a mask of herself and this is shown by her cuts, which seem to have inflicted themselves. Her problems with beauty come from home, her father: beautiful girls don't have to carry a wallet. Doesn't that happen in our reality? An example: In my country, some job advertisements stated that they were “looking good”, which is a euphemism for pretty boys (as).

Since Rika is pretty, her behavior can be accepted, but her behavior is a wall so that no one can see into her and know how ugly she can be. “Everyone in this world is subject to human attention. People are always under the gaze of other people, ”to quote the manga I mentioned. This is very understandable, even more so if you have one idol.

Sawaki Sensei

He's the study advisor and the character I like the worst. We know almost nothing about him other than the above and that he accompanied Koito during his molestation and that he usually goes to Ohno's mother. But what is it hiding? This deal with his student is too suspicious and the one who goes to Ohno's house a lot like he wants to take care of something, of course he has the excuse to leave because she is not going to class. His demeanor reminds me of the murderous professor of Boku dake ga inai machifrom there it makes a bad impression. Wait for the chapters to pass to see who it is.

Why didn't you trust me

When we have a best friend or partner, we assume that we are in an intimate, trusting relationship where anything can be told. If he / she doesn't tell you about something that happened to him / her, you might think: does he / she really trust me? What am I / he to him / her? If we don't tell a topic, even a sensitive one, we think about suspicion, and even if we understand the reasons, uncertainty is already implanted. This made Ohno feel expelled, which increased her state of uselessness. However, the feeling gave him the strength to face the fears of others and to help them, because it is like helping Koito. But why didn't Koito tell Ohno more?

A fan in love

Fanaticism is a serious problem. Let us remember that there is not only religious fanaticism, but all kinds. And as absurd as it may seem, it can lead to loss of life, as happened with these two friends. It is not because they are stupid to assume that this is nonsense and the assumption of a lazy intellectual who thinks himself better. In fanaticism there are several psychological and social problems: loss of family, lack of attention, group involvement, etc. And it can lead to other problems: paying for the idol's purchases, going to his concerts, donating to him. Extreme fanaticism can lead to the devaluation of one's own life. And there he comes sugarAm I an object for money? The idol is worth it and if he / she is not there, nothing makes sense. "Wherever Yu-Yu goes, we'll go," they implied.

Covert "love" (harassment)

John Lennon, Selena Quintanilla, to name a few, were killed by people who claimed to be their fans. Sachiko does not differ from these murderers, especially in their dialogues: "She likes her mature", which can also be interpreted as "if she is not mine, she does not belong to anyone". Yu-Yu was not killed, but Sachiko's constant harassment made her suicide, or that is how it is understood. These types of actions are usually covered with the words, "Because I love them, I did this." And this is not only a problem for fans, but also for "lovers", especially when love is confused with possession and obsession.

Thank you for coming here. Hope Neiru shows up more. I also hope that what happened to Rika is not comparable to what happened to him Jujutsu Kaisenwhere a character appeared in the opening alive and gave us hope that he would survive, but he died. We'll see what happens in the next chapter.


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