Soon, the multiverse must contend with a team made up entirely of variants of Miles Morales: the What If series, which cast Miles as Captain America and other Marvel heroes, is coming to a close next July a team made up of all the main variants of the miniseries.

"How many miles does it take... to save the universe?!","How many miles does it take... to save the universe?!", reads the synopsis of What If ... Miles Morales # 5, latest installment of the miniseries that tells the adventures of the variants of Miles.

So far, Marvel has released the first two issues of the miniseries that they've seen Miles takes on the roles of Captain America and Wolverine, while the third installment (which will cast him in the role of the Hulk) is on the way. Each issue of the miniseries was created by a different creative team.

What if... Miles Morales #5 (of 5) is produced by Cody Ziglar and Paco Medina and will be released in the USA in July 2022. The issue cover, designed by Medina, features the various Miles protagonists from previous issues of the miniseries Team up with Miles / Spider-Man from Terra-616the main Marvel Universe.

Miles Morales was due to return to theaters this year with the sequel Into the Spiderverse, but unfortunately Spider Man Across The Spiderverse has been pushed back a year.

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