Several famous manga authors manage to create a unique, instantly recognizable drawing style. This distinction gives fans a lot of thought, such as the classic "what would a character be like in a different drawing style." Some illustrators take up the challenge, e.g Zoro from ONE PIECE he ended up in it.

Written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda, the Manga of Records has a distinctive style while featuring several male characters who have unique traits. Transporting them to another manga isn't easy, but Dye Rust asked a question: How about Zoro in Naruto or Bleach?? The swordsman from ONE PIECE thus becomes the protagonist of this transformation.

The artist didn't just want to show that in a video Zoro in Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, Jojo and in other manga, but also the method of drawing them. So we'll start with the classic swordsman and then move on to the demon hunter version and version with a stand, while Zoro then progresses to a Dr. Stone, Jujutsu Kaisen, Naruto, Bleach and Will The attack of the giants.

In addition to ONE PIECE, there are eight Zoro styles: Which is your favourite? And did you find the video useful to see how to make them? Obviously he's not the only character that happened: C18 was also drawn differently, but Naruto with A2T Will Draw has also changed.

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