In the past few weeks, Boichi has Dr. Stone done. He for the art and Riichiro Inagaki for the script have created a really strong duo that has brought to Weekly Shonen Jump a very successful series that will continue in anime format. But the two authors did not stop and everyone went their own way.

If Riichiro Inagaki has already collaborated with the legendary Ryoichi Ikegami for Trillion Game, Boichi in turn has started a new manga. Zessan Sekaimeshi: Tabereba Konoyo no Subete ga Wakaru is definitely not one of the series that one would expect from the designer dr Stone, known for his very ecchi and seductive style, can be found in his works such as Sun Ken Rock and Origin as well as in Dr. Stone. Zessan Sekaimeshi: Tabereba Konoyo no Subete ga Wakaru started in a Kodansha magazine a few weeks ago, but sadly it's already over.

Boichi announced this on Twitter Due to "a sad thing that happened" he had to stop the serialization his new manga. Therefore, Zessan Sekaimeshi: Tabereba Konoyo no Subete ga Wakaru will definitely end with the third chapter. The manga about food thus had a very short life as the first chapter was released on April 14th and Boichi's message arrived a few days later.

It is not known what is the sad event that forced Boichi to stop the manga but surely the designer will not remain idle in the future.

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