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Warning! This review on Yuukoku no Moriarty Chapter four contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 04 A rare breed

Yuukoku no Moriarty Chapter four begins with a desperate request and a refusal that condemns a young boy. William's arrival in Durham leads him to bond with Viscount Belfor, and as soon as Moriarty learns of his sins, he holds out his hand to Burton for revenge. His punishment is given through an ingenious plan that combines the medicine for the heart of Belfort and the peculiarities of grapefruit. In the end, and thanks to a recommendation from Albert, Burton and his wife Michelle made their way to London and shared the bond that was born of their sin.

What a life is it worth

The deliberations in this story are brutal as we stand under the premise of class difference. Inevitably the moment would come when this despicable situation would arise. What kind of life is worth saving? Our modern thinking leads us to believe that all life is worth the same because we are all human. However, these types of thoughts are typical of our modern environment. Ask the same question over the past century and the answer can be shocking. Just as there is the hierarchy of classes, there is the priority of salvation, and those who have the power of decision are, of course, the nobility themselves.

Belfor's rejection of his gardener's plea is just one of many that must have existed. The Viscount is a man of a mean nature, who is satisfied with his rank and who cannot empathize with anyone below him. It is clear that Belfor's life as a farmer's child was worthless for the simple reason that if he lived or died in that place, it did not concern him. The value of a life is determined by the benefits we can derive from it, or at least that's how nobles seem to function. If Belfor had decided that Burton's son would benefit his estate, it would have saved him without hesitation and clearly demanded payment for it. However, there was nothing in the little boy that made him think that way, it was disposable, Burton and Michelle could have another.

Belfor's selfish condescension caused the boy's early death, and let me return to what was voiced in the previous review noblesse oblige. The Viscount enjoys his luxury without knowing who he owes it to. It is not because of his efforts that he has these privileges. The least he could have done as a nobleman and not as a human is to show mercy. That night, Belfor signed its own sentence to shake hands with its staff. A servant who is angry with his master has no loyalty. Despite the stigma of his status as a servant, Burton eventually overcame himself and wielded his sword of revenge against the lord they always served. Because there was no longer any loyalty to keep.

Belfor's life has never been more precious than that of Burton and Michelle's son. In the end, both lives were crossed and the cause of the other's death.

Responsibility and commitment

Again we delight Moriarty with a perfect crime, there was no need to literally wield a weapon, even though Burton metaphorically managed to wield the sword of vengeance. This crime was born thanks to the brilliant mind of William, who was able to connect the key dots to get Belfor to lower his guard. Heart ailments, home remedies, and exotic plants were the main items that William garnered even before he offered his services to Burton. Moriarty's genius is in no way to be underestimated, it really makes us believe that the day will come when we will see his ideals fulfilled.

Central to Moriarty's crimes is the importance of taking responsibility. While it is true that William planned the crimes, he is not the one to carry out them. Those who ask for his help are solely responsible for the crime. This is something Moriarty makes known to all of its clients, including Burton and Michelle. In fact, I think that it is something necessary, a crime is not something that someone should carry for you, especially if it was for their own benefit.

The crime of Burton and Michelle was not a whimsy act, it was something they both needed to heal their hearts and that is precisely why it is necessary for both of them to carve into their hearts by fire that it was something they were themselves have done. The weight of that responsibility is what will heal the wound that created this situation. Responsibility is not just a burden, it can also be a source of relief.

In addition to responsibility, the crime committed becomes an unbreakable bond between the two. The awareness of being responsible for this action will be your new point of support. This new link does not replace the old one, but it can help restore it. Michelle lost trust in Burton when there was nothing he could do for her son, but things changed with the crime they'd committed. Before he could do nothing, but now he managed to avenge him, they both did, they got their hands dirty, but they got a peace they thought lost. The complicity and strength of such a bond is no stranger to William, it is the same bond that his family was born with. So he's sure it will work out for Burton and Michelle.

Final comment

Yuukoku no Moriarty Chapter four was a very satisfying episode. The treatment of the underclass is rough which I appreciate because it respects the environment. It highlights the contrast with the selfish opulence of the nobility. We continue at a point where it is impossible to put yourself in the shoes of the nobility, not the one who lives and steps on others. I must also add that the dilemma between justice and vengeance continues to haunt the actions of our protagonists. There is no doubt that this is a story to be seen openly, especially if we do not want to get caught up in Moriarty's ideals. Not because they are undesirable, but because they are so desirable that they almost stop deception.

Before I finish with that, I have to say that I am intrigued by the details of the animation as I combine the lights and shadows to distinguish the desires and the true natures. The character design keeps the same flattery, the costume change for meeting the Viscount was a visual delight. Although all three Moriartys wear suits at all times, it was a pleasure to see them in a classic swallowtail. In general, I am excited and intrigued by the details of the time. As a fan of the Victorian era, I'm really looking forward to more costume designs.

Anyway, these were my impressions from the chapter: What do you think of this episode? How would everything have changed if Belfort had shown mercy? Is the responsibility for our sins that gives us back our humanity?


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