Warning! This review on Yuukoku no Moriarty Chapter eight contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 8 Sherlock's study, act 1

Yuukoku no Moriarty Chapter eight begins with a Sherlock in trouble because he doesn't have the rental money. Thanks to a friend who was just passing by, he got the idea to rent a room and use it to split the costs. Because of these circumstances, John Watson comes into Holmes' life. Just as they are partying, Detective Lestrade arrives, but far from getting a consultation, arrests Sherlock as a suspect of murder. With suspicion on him, Sherlock seeks Watson for help solving the crime. All that is clear is that there are two culprits who committed the crime and gave it the means and directions. Moriarty is the one who orchestrated it all. In addition to justice, he also wants to test Holmes.

© © 竹 内 良 輔 ・ 三好 輝 / 集 英 社 ・ 憂国 の モ リ ア ー テ テ ィ 製作 製作

Detective Advisor Sherlock Holmes

This time we face an episode with another protagonist, the detective consultant Sherlock Holmes. After his appearance in "The Noahtian AdventureThis time he seems to know his character and of course his profession from the start. We could already see it in the previous episode, but Sherlock is an extremely intelligent man with an amazing ability to observe and an acuteness for the details that lead him to reasonably correct reasoning. He's not a humble character, he's basically a genius and he knows it perfectly, and he doesn't hesitate to keep making his disposition clear.

The best way to improve your skills is to constantly display them that you have absolutely no concern about. Indeed, being a detective consultant, rather than a detective, is the clearest evidence of his disdain for mediocrity. It's not that Sherlock can't be a detective, it's just that cases are usually so boring and predictable for him that he doesn't care at all. However, with the title of a consultant it is established that only the most difficult and therefore most interesting cases will come to him. Just look at the overjoyed reaction to Lestrade's arrival, irrefutable proof that he only takes challenges seriously. Likewise, his constant disdain for Gregson and Scotland Yard's inefficiency correct his capricious and vain character in relation to his own genius.

Whether he is a suspect, an adviser, or just an observer does not matter to Holmes' mental agility. Seeing the crime scene is enough for him to see that there are two culprits in this case, but it is one thing to see the threads and quite another to distinguish the puppeteer. What is clear is that Holmes' excitement has only increased, after what has been seen at the Noahtic, his instincts seek a greater challenge and he knows this is the way to find it. But such an indifferent character could be a failure, in this sense Watson came into his life at an excellent time. It is safe to assume that Holmes has found a valuable companion, and luckily she is one who can deal with his quirks as she has a personable and focused character.

Anime, Manga and Book

So far I haven't had any major complaints about the anime adaptation of this work, but this episode made me miss some details. In general the adaptation is very well achieved, I could say that it manages to shoot and detail various aspects even better than the manga. However, there are scenes that simply disappeared for some reason, most likely due to slight censorship.

The scene I'll refer to as an example is Miss Hudson's presentation with Watson. To make sure Miss Hudson accepts Watson, Sherlock orchestrates a bar fight where they meet to highlight Watson's chivalry. The scene is a bit strong for the language and the situation as Sherlock was writing a very risky letter to a man on behalf of Miss Hudson. Obviously the topic came to the lady inappropriately and that sparked the conflict, but we don't see any of that in the anime.

It's not the first thing I notice about this adaptation. I still wonder why they skipped making the MI6. I suspect we'll see it later, perhaps at the end of the Sherlock case, as it is central to Moriarty's future operations. But I insist the customization is very good, it leaves out very little, basically nothing, and it provides a lot of detail that has been lost in the manga.

With regard to this chapter, I would like to make a special mention: Sherlockians gather. Since the anime is from Moriarty, we can hardly find the best parallels with Doyle's original story. However, this chapter is special as it is a reinterpretation of "Study in scarlet fever”. Obviously, it's pretty much adapted to the context of this story because, as the story of Moriarty, it makes sense that he's the one pulling the strings. Which, by the way, makes sense for the title: "Sherlock's study"As this crime is being investigated, it is a test of his ability.

In short, it is a pleasure to see this reinterpretation of Doyle's classic which is actually the first story of Sherlock and Dr. Watson is. With a similar but different beginning, Watson looking for a place to stay and Sherlock who is comfortable, the novel is both looking for an apartment. They are also introduced by Stamford and understand each other from the start. Unlike the novel that Sherlock incriminates here, the letters in the blood are "RACHE", revenge in German.

The following will be a big spoiler, but if you've already read the novel, you already know that the killer is a coachman and the mystery is solved thanks to a ring on the scene. Both elements stay in the story, but with the advantage that they explain this man's vengeance in detail. In addition, Holmes' morality can be tested, which is already completely different from the novel. It doesn't matter just being so close to the original is enough to inspire us Sherlockians. Indeed, appreciating 221B Baker Street was enough to please my Sherlock heart. Finally a detail, more than curious, it is just a detail that asks for help in Scotland. Yard of Sherlock is Gregson in fact, they aren't bad in the novel.

Final comment

Yuukoku no Moriarty Chapter eight was an episode of joy for the Sherlockians. It is a fact that this story is about Moriarty and his path to an ideal London, but that doesn't mean the presence of the classics shock or excite us. I'll admit this Sherlock isn't perfect, he's quite arrogant and has a bit of an annoying attitude, but that gives him a lot of charm. Like it or not, it doesn't matter, in the end he is the famous Holmes and for better or worse those of us who have enjoyed his novels already have affection for him regardless of the adjustment he finds himself in , this is no exception. In the end, this arrogant attitude is only possible because he has the genius to show it and not look ridiculous.

Before I conclude on this review, let me reiterate how amazing it was to see 221B Baker Street. But I not only admire the detail of the road and the aesthetic care of the time, but am also fascinated by the mixture of original and adaptation. It repeats itself, but there is no doubt that the reinterpretation of "Study in scarlet feverMoriarty in the Shadows direction is a delight that only those who have approached the original novel can enjoy. Reading Doyle is not required to enjoy this story, but the experience is completely different if you have.

Anyway, these were my impressions from the chapter: What do you think of this episode? What is your opinion on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson? Did you read the novel? "Study in scarlet fever"?


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