The following review of Tower of God - Chapter 10 It contains a spoiler, if you already saw the chapter please read on, otherwise you can see it on any of the platforms and return. Warning, this series will only give you the answers if you get to the top floor of the tower, because there you will be a god and you will get everything you want ... everything.

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Tower of God chapter ten: "What do you mean! Will my prey stop climbing the tower because of a female turtle !? Is it in its mating season ?! Bring it right now! I'll rip the banana off him! ”

The support of family and friends can make a big difference, it can help you overcome all obstacles and learn that life tends to shine more in company.


Lunchtime becomes a bit mysterious and weighs in with the start of a somewhat strange topic, because at the time Rachel was injured, that Regular giant who was with Rak Wraithraiser disappeared without a trace. To this is added that mysteriously that regular was only with Rachell, as well as the theme that she is the girl that Bam has sought so much is no longer a mystery. All this came to light thanks to the act of Ho, who did not contain his envy for Bam and decided to go after him, but this was not only noticed by Khun Agüero Agnis, but that girl with red hair with mysterious abilities.

Khun's curiosity led him to the path of several unknowns and few answers, which is why his first solution was to remove Ho from that team list and other movements. Khun is not the only one worried about Bam, there is also Rak in his own way ... Who literally went from being a huge crocodile to his baby. All this change in proportions is due to the little patience and great strength of Han Sung Yu, who jokingly manages to shrink him and return the joke of being so small (in the Manhwa it is somewhat funnier). The truth is that Rak's request to be bigger through the Manbarondena or his briefcase, would be possible but with a special permission (explained in the Manhwa). Even so, Rak is interested in climbing the tower with his two turtles and will not let any of them go, even though Khun believes that Bam will not continue and as if he was summoned, he appears before his two companions to give them a news.

The news is that Rachel has become paraplegic and will not be able to walk anymore unless she receives a treatment that is very expensive and requires a specialist. This is when his companions think that he will surrender and will not continue for her, but this surprises them when he tells them that he will continue and climb the Tower for her and hopes to have his two friends, these without hesitation offer their help and their multiple skills in and "tricks" to advance. But Bam wants to have more people and that's where he gathers those who were on the team list, he wants all his friends on this.

The first meeting of all occurs in the farewell of Ho, who despite his actions has received forgiveness from Bam and the farewell of his friends and even that of Lero-Ro. Now Bam has a moment alone with Rachel and she takes the opportunity to "apologize for leaving Bam", because she saw him as a hindrance, someone weak and a child who just wanted to be behind her. She tells him that she is not the Rachel that he admires, but this reminds him that thanks to her he was able to get out of that darkness, she was his light and his only company, he now has more friends but she will always be irreplaceable.

Your friends or team are becoming more united, more attached to each other and more eager to climb the tower. That group of crazy friends have taken on the task of drinking in the name of Ho and sharing a little more with each other, but not everything is forever and not everyone is after him, which is why Serena Linen decides to start from that adventure. and continue on their way to another place far from those tests, now she will look for her reason to live, but not before saying goodbye to Shibisu and giving him her weapon as a souvenir or guarantee that they will meet again.

Now the most decisive and confusing moments come, as Khun has an encounter with Lero-Ro and Han Sung Yu reaches the depths of Yuga's hiding place, professor of the Wave Manipulation area. Or rather Ren, agent number 67 of the Jahad Royal Guard and who without warning attacks Han Sung for discovering his true identity, his secret mission to recover the Black March, Green April and assassinate Anaak Jahad daughter of Princess Anaak . But to Ren's surprise, Han is on Jahad's side, as he calls himself the Fish of the Depths that feeds on those who are a danger to the Tower.

Now the conversation between Lero-Ro and Khun touched on the question of who could be the person who planned everything about Ho, Rachel and Bam, that person could be the Supreme Han Sung. With no evidence to fully signal Han, it is up to Lero-Ro and Khun to wait for the next move, for now the appointment of those who passed the round will be announced. The approved ones are:

Fishermen: Andorssi, Anaak, Dédé Cancho and Blarouge.

Spear Bearers: Rak, Ghost, Paracule and Aleksay.

Explorers: Shibisu, Hatsu (Hatz) and Narae.

Wave Controllers: Bam and Lauroe.

Light Bearers: Khun and Michelle Light.

When everything seemed happy for being Michelle one of the finalists, the spirits return to the ground when Han Sung Yu stresses that she will not be able to continue, because in the conditions she is in, it is impossible for her, so she is disqualified. But this is where Khun's plan begins, filing a nonconformity complaint about the results and proposing to present the Guardian's evidence in exchange for Michelle Light (Rachel) passing the next round. This was a plan and proposal imposed by Lero-Ro in order to stop Han Sung's plans, but what Khun and Lero-Ro did not have is that Han emphasized the other rule to present that Guardian proof ... Being an Irregular who has entered the tower opening the door by himself. This is when Bam steps in and reveals to everyone that he is Irregular.

Now Michelle and Han Sung will wait outside the Guardian's room, as Bam prepares to introduce himself and face what would be a severe ordeal. While in that room where they are approved, Khun performs a first-class performance (hahaha) along with Rak assuming that they did not support Bam to pass the test, since he is an Irregular and now everything changes. Well, in the tower the Irregulars are considered a bad omen and a stain for life is created if one is supported. But what Khun did not expect is that everyone decided to support and accompany Bam without the need for that performance that was discovered on the first attempt. It shows that they are friends, colleagues and colleagues in this hard work of climbing the Tower.

Now Bam meets again with the Guardian with whom he closed his deal when starting his Wave Manipulation classes.


This episode is covering chapters 55-59 of the Manhwa, the order and development of the episode is not the same, but the context and the scenes could say that they are similar, for some small change to speed up the development of this in 23 minutes and some others to simply make sense for those who have not read the Webtoon. Now if after this we are going to start the explanation of what for me has been a great chapter and how I will help you to understand perhaps terms or scenes connecting both creations.

Let's start with the differences in what fits this episode and what the Manhwa covers in its chapter 51 and 52. The differences are many, that of the disappearance of the other Regular that was with Rachell and disappeared before the eyes of Rak when he is she was injured, that never happened, now we are going to what creaks us. At the time of everyone eating and sitting together "as always in the anime", in the Manhwa it does not happen, only Khun and Andorssi sit together and of course he complains to her for not having kept Rachel away from Bam and ruining everything the plan. In the Manhwa everything is scattered because the spirits are low.

I am very happy that they have put as a dialogue of the Princess Lady Yuri "I am going to tear them from you", since everyone decides what to imagine with that. The truth is that the Manhwa simply gets very angry because they have not yet advanced to the Evankhell floor and takes it out with her guide Evan Edroch ... Throwing a stone at his head since he always responds "We will arrive soon, very soon".

As for how and by whom Khun found out about Ho's hatred, it was through connections between people, but this happened in later chapters of the Manhwa, exactly in chapter 55 when Khun is telling him everything he found out about. Lero-Ro. Although Khun will notice that energy in Ho, he was also "warned" by the red-haired girl about Ho's envy of Bam and this happened in the midst of Khun's fight to drink a soda and the machine to jam. (Not in the middle of a practice as a Light Bearer). That girl's words were "I'm sure ... that she will do something soon ... Trust me, I have good intuition." This created a concern in Khun from what he deduces investigating with the Regular Full who slept next to Ho. Nothing had happened in all that time until a day before the hide and seek test, Full tells Khun that Ho was upset that day by finding "garbage" in front of his door, he also asked Full "Who is Michelle Light "

Khan shows him the letter they sent to Ho, he is begged with his briefcase, even so Rachell considered that the wisest thing was not to tell Bam and they already know everything that happened. Hahahahaha when Rak finds out from Khun that maybe Bam won't go up the tower anymore because of Rachel, he says “What do you mean! Will my prey stop climbing the tower because of a female turtle !? Is it in its mating season ?! Bring it right now! I'll rip the banana off him! ”

Khun tells Rak that in part his reason for climbing the Tower is because of the emptiness he feels having helped Maria his sister to become a Princess of Jahad, helping her over her blood sister. After that day he feels that something is missing in his life and that something is missing. Here the same thing happens and Bam tells them what Rachel is suffering and that she wants the support of her friends, that of all her friends.

Unlike the anime, Serena does not run away from the tests, she continues and baby with Shibisu for Ho's death. Bam tries to recruit more people to help him climb the tower with Rachell. What Bam says to Rachel in that field, never really happened, he tells Andorssi all that about how he feels about Rachel. Then comes Khun's talk with Lero-Ro and how he suspects Han Sung. Then comes Han Sung's scene

Spoiler and Important Fact: In the Manhwa Yuga he spoke to Jahad himself about Bam and how they want the boy to become supreme and obtain the symbol of the three eyes of Jahad. The same is also true of Han Sung discovering who this Yuga is, who is actually Assassinated by the 67th Jahad Royal Guard, Ren.

In chapter 55 Khun tells Lero-Ro how he managed to convince everyone to go after Ho, starting with the Supreme Quant, the support of Lauroe, the support of Andorssi, the bribery of Ho's partner and more. They also talk between Han Sung and Lero-Ro about the strongest at that time and they would be Anaak, Bam and that mysterious regular who was next to Rachel.


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