The following review of Tower of God - Chapter 7 It contains a spoiler, if you already saw the chapter please read on, otherwise you can see it on any of the platforms and return. Warning, this series will only give you the answers if you get to the top floor of the tower, because there you will be a god and you will get everything you want ... everything.

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Tower of God chapter seven: "Is it wrong to reach out to the weakest?"

Envy can become a double-edged sword, because as much as evil is desired for another person for his abilities, luck, benefits and more aptitudes that he is believed to obtain and you do not, you will end up simply contaminating the humanity that preserves. So much will be the desire to feel superior, that actions and bad desires will not be limited, which could end badly for that person and for you, because nothing in life is taken for granted without paying for it. We all have enough virtues to shine, others have some different from yours, but you will always have the opportunity to learn from them and add them to yourself. Letting go of that feeling will simply have devastating consequences.


A king, a man who climbed the top of the tower, the king who founded his own kingdom, but a king is not alone and his company will always be stronger next to a woman, in this case a harem of Princesses, women who are given the favor of Jahad. The princesses of Jahad are not the biological daughters of the king, but they all come from the Tower. Beautiful and imposing girls who possess unique abilities and strength that surpasses that of other Regulars, these young people achieve a great distinction and rank by restraining themselves from other things, sacrificing their human and women's part ... They are prohibited from interacting with men and having children. There will be a restriction a bit because the king simply does not want that power that he offered them to spread, they would be like fine counter shoes, they are beautiful but only one person can use them. Although many times those shoes go out on their own and never come back.

Anaak represents revenge, since his greatest desire is to avenge the death of his mother, the true Princess Anaak of Jahad, a beautiful and young woman who died because of having her daughter. Even though this was the biggest crime committed by Anaak, her young daughter does not understand or see the magnitude of that failure in the contract that will cause the death of her parents as punishment. Andorssi Jahad (Endorsi in the Manhwa) highlights a point that may perhaps be the cruel reason for that act, since the Jahad princesses are warriors who give their all to obtain their title and receive their benefits, but if a new Regular obtains those powers just because she was the daughter of a princess, she would lose the “justice” of winning that title. Even though Anaak knew the consequences and many times seemed to be overwhelmed by the life he abandoned, his little daughter was all the wealth she needed to live ... Until one day everything was taken from her and her little daughter had to witness that end (Spoiler in the Opinion).

Bam has managed to grow and improve with his power to manipulate slingshots or Shinsu, but with this he has awakened the envy and anger of Hoy, who with all his effort has not managed to be stronger and clearer with his power. Apparently one of his steps taken to improve has been thanks to Lauroe's advice and support with a change of favors, since Serena Linen has decided to rest her drinks in what is most precious to her partner, her pillow. Being so drenched in drool, Bam decides to put together a makeshift pillow and give it to his partner as he washes the other, a favor that Lauroe felt should be more than rewarded "Is it wrong to reach out to the weakest?" Words that Ho used at the time, that now weigh him down and that he does not share due to the fact that at the moment he is weak.

Khun breaks the news to Bam of how the two Princesses of Jahad ended up seriously hurt by sensitive issues between the two of them, but they are not the only ones with problems due to the evidence, since Shibisu and Hatz have not managed to find more "friends" whom Add to the list for the attitude of the young swordsman. Even when Bam proposes that they be helped, Khun accepts the idea for pleasing Bam and offers him a solution that will come in handy not only for Shibisu and Hatz but for the two Princesses, they write their name on the list of the two boys, they pass the test and they earn free food until they finish this phase… Complicated at the beginning of achieving this, but with a loving phrase from Hatz and Bam's tenderness they accomplish the task.


After a conversation where the three most popular groups meet, in which Yuri is named for her mettle and strength, Andorssi decides to go after Rachel or now known as Michelle Light. The girl has made the decision to be someone who remains in the shadows so that Bam does not discover that she is close, even though he already knows it but Andorssi's exclamation is very clear "I hope what you are looking for at the top of the tower is more valuable than Bam ”, a sweet and handsome boy who has done everything for her and would continue to do so.

The basic unit of a Shinsu is called "Bang", the size of Bang is known as "Myun" and the density of a Shinsu that can be introduced into a Bang is called "Su" and this would be the most important weapon for the manipulation of Waves the "Bang". When envy wakes up there is not much to do to avoid hatred and this is what Ho experiences when he sees that the young and innocent Bam has managed to manipulate the Shinsu and the Bang in a way that only an expert would, because in a short time The boy has long outperformed his more experienced peers.


This episode is covering chapters 33-38 of the Manhwa, the order and development of the episode is not the same, but the context and the scenes could say that they are similar, for some small change to speed up the development of this in 23 minutes and some others to simply make sense for those who have not read the Webtoon. Now if after this we are going to start the explanation of what for me has been a great chapter and how I will help you to understand perhaps terms or scenes connecting both creations.

Episode three is covering chapters 33-38 of the official Webtoon. Recall that the order of events shown in the Manhwa, are not the same as in the history of the series, but it should be noted that everything remains very similar, respecting the ideas of the original author.

I will start by explaining that this section is more than just my opinion, I will use it to highlight data that in my point of view seems important to me, because for those who do not read the Manhwa and the anime, they cannot clarify all their doubts or simply would like to know more, here you can find that extra. Another point is that the image quality, animated adaptation, its graphics and more, I do not question, because doing this type of work is not easy and requires dedication, so I respect the creation of each series.

Now if without further entanglements I will start to think what would be the beginning of this episode, which begins from chapter 33 of the Manhwa. Here begins the most detailed data that the series has been able to provide, starting with the king of that Jahad Tower. A detail that is not mentioned in the episode is "Jahad was the first man to make a contract with the administrator of her Tower and create his own world in her as a king", if we read in context, this means that someone else the tower owner, someone is above Jahad, but who will it be? I suppose that later we will learn about all this, for now it is only surviving with this information ... Because the Manhwa is also ongoing.

As for the introduction of the Manhwa, the princesses of Jahad have been numerous, all of great beauty and power. They are in charge of protecting the king and receive the adoration of all the residents of the tower, but the truth is that none of those beautiful Princesses was really his daughter, they were all chosen from the great families or from other places, they were adopted. Once chosen, they received the power of Jahad in a special way, but Jahad's blood never ran in their veins, even so they had several restrictions. Here I will detail the three restrictions of the Manhwa, "They could not marry or make love to any man and they could not have children." Here they say the same thing that they already saw in the episode and that is that they are like an untouchable ornament that cannot transmit that power to another generation, nor be taken advantage of by others ... But apparently someone failed those three rules.

I will detail this part as accurately as possible, since there is a scene in the Manhwa that could be the spoiler for something else. Let's start with that battle between Anaak daughter and Endorsi Jahad, two princesses who got their title in a different way, one of them had to go through many tests to be who she is and another is the cause of a sacrifice that her weapon has given her and a Title. Let's review who was Princess Anaak, a regular who quickly received the title of Supreme and who was awarded one of the weapons in Ashul Edwara's 13-month series, Green April. Even with all her privileges Anaak fell in love with a man with whom she had a secret romance and from whom a baby was born who could not be aborted, so that small family decides to escape and live together. Jahad finds out and enraged he sends to assassinate them all, but they never managed to find Anaak's little daughter and Green April, it was from there that the rumor that that little daughter escaped stealing the weapon.

Endorsi would like to know why Anaak Jahad made the decision to live in disgrace and although Anaak fought a lot with her husband for the life of few luxuries, without expensive dresses and full of humility, her happiness went beyond that (although it did not seem). The only misfortune that this woman suffered was having lost her husband and favorite chicken tart cook, since she was murdered at the hands of another Princess of Jahad, at the hands of another sister. Here is the revenge Anaak daughter wants and a slightly vague but clear answer for Endorsi, Anaak Jahad never regretted his choice, he sadly died because of her and his daughter witnessed it while fleeing with a man friend of her mother… That Man in the Manhwa's silhouette appears to be Evan Edroch.

Here is another piece of information IMHO! Well, many things if it were. Something different, more than normal in an episode of the series but here it goes. Ho if he manages to burst the balloons, but Bam bursts more, Khun tells Bam and Lauroe what happened to the princesses, Shibisu de and Hatz never get to where they are. Bam is saddened because Endorsi and Anaak could be disqualified for being injured, so Bam asks Khun what they could do and although this is very direct and tells him that the justice of the tests is like this and we must comply with them, the more upload more people disqualify ... But before the sadness of his innocent friend, Khun prepares a plan that will benefit the princesses, Shibisu and Hatz ... Bam arrives with food where Endorsi, tells her that she is thin and makes her sign the role of friends, In the other room Shibisu enters alone and tries to do the same but Anaak is terrifying and this seat gives him food. Another fact is that Rachel does not eat apples. She eats skewers and takes them to her room! And each skewer is worth 10 points, so the girl is not that she is poor, only that in the series they sell us the role of the girl who is alone and eats ugly apples with a 70% discount.

(He stressed that the anime is very well developed and some scenes even make more sense than in the Manhwa, but it will always be good to read it because some data are like gossip, good and bring other gossip by the hand).

One point that caught my attention is that in the Manhwa Andorssi instead of writing her name, she put Rachel's, I suppose it will not have relevance in the series, since in the episode it is her name that comes out.

According to Yuga, Bam could be considered a Supreme wave manipulator, since in only two weeks he has managed to manipulate Shinsu and shape it with the Bang, the truth is that Yuga was a master in that arts because in only two years he managed to make his Bang, But Bam has accomplished all of this and a bit more in just two weeks, so much so that he can now create two Bangs of the three that a wave manipulator can use, even when the second one doesn't stabilize. Here comes Ho and his instability to control the Bang, so he angrily retires to rest and begins to give you those nightmares of his past, but then someone knocks on his door or leaves him a somewhat striking note.

Spoiler !! (The note says: Do you want to get Bam out of the way? I have an idea. Make Michelle Light fail the test! She is the reason why. Bam is climbing the Tower. And she is not your friend! PD: No one She will suspect you even if you make her fail.


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