The following review of Tower of God - Chapter 11 It contains a spoiler, if you already saw the chapter please read on, otherwise you can see it on any of the platforms and return. Warning, this series will only give you the answers if you reach the top floor of the tower, because there you will be a god and you will get everything you want ... everything.

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Tower of God chapter eleven: "Bam preserves what we lost before coming to the Tower."


Bam runs into the Manager of that Floor again, a monster of monumental size who appreciates Bam for his delicious appearance. But that great monster is the "only" one that can give permission for Rachel to continue participating and to climb the tower. But now they will have to face a test that will be at the total election of the Supreme Han Sung Yu, but here everything revolves around the "lucky" Rachel.

A magical place inside a Shinsu glass full of fish and Góbidos Dolphins that forms a Mayan of Shinsu, will be the right place to encapsulate Bam and Rachel in a test that will be carried out mostly by their companions, who agreed to carry out that test not only to help Bam, but also to advance through the Tower. The test explained by Han at first glance seems simple, since the Globids would do all the work of bringing Rachel and Bam who are in a sphere of Shinsu to the mouth of the queen, which will expel them to the surface. But like everything in nature, there are predators and prey and those cute dolphins count on it.

The first predators are the Barnacles and their Giant Worms that with their large size and mouth that manages to expand to unimaginable proportions, manage to break the earth and extract from that cup the fish that the Góbidos gathered, if one of those Worms eats the sphere Where Rachel and Bam are, they lose the test. There are also the Striped Pigs, natural opponents of the Barnacles and the Giant Worms, but also if the Gobid dolphins detect the presence of a Striped Pig, they will flee and leave the fishing aside. In a nutshell brought by Khun "So our role is to allow the dolphins to fish in peace."

But this does not end here, because they must also take care of the most powerful and feared predator even by Supreme, El Toro. Now it is time to put into effect the plan outlined by the mastermind of Khun, who has arranged for Hatsu and the Explorers to keep an eye on the Goblins. The Spear Bearers will wait in a high place to attack the Giant Worms if the case arises. Shibisu and "his party" must watch for Striped Pigs. And finally Narae together with Lauroe will wait for some instruction at the moment. While Princess Yuri Jahad is still in the confines of the Tower, she hopes that if Guide Evan Edroch takes her to the Evankhell Floor.

Sentimentality grows in these moments where everyone risks his life and stay in the Tower to support Bam and it is something that makes Khun curious and Shibisu responds that his decision was partly made by something Serena told him after the funeral of Today "Because Bam still has everything that matters and that we lost before coming", that is why most of them do not want Bam to lose that, nor that anyone steal it. Hatsu recently sensed a strange thirst for blood supplied by someone else and that strange sensation combined with the disappearance of the Explorers who accompanied him. That feeling could be corroborated by Shibisu, since he has encountered the Bull who brings the lifeless body of one of the Explorers into his jaws.


This episode is covering chapters 58-68 of the Manhwa, the order and development of the episode is not the same, but the context and the scenes could say that they are similar, for some small change to speed up the development of this in 23 minutes and some others to simply make sense for those who have not read the Webtoon. Now if after this we are going to start the explanation of what for me has been a great chapter and how I will help you to understand perhaps terms or scenes connecting both creations.

Where to start? Let's say that this goes back and forth and something more tangled than that, because the combination they have to make the chapters is something among several of the Manhwa. This I will put it from chapter 58, where Van reveals that he is an Irregular and decides to face that test as long as Rachel climbs the tower. Bam's presentation to the Administrator of that Apartment is short and substantial, because apart from the fact that he sees Bam as someone "Tasty, succulent and appetizing", he also asks him a single question "Why do you go up the Tower? All this ends soon and we still do not know what talk these two had, but everything begins to make more sense outside.

This is where it really is very different from anime, first of all Rachel was not with Han Sung Yu outside that room where Bam was with the Administrator. Second, as soon as Bam leaves, he tells Han that the Administrator accepted that Rachel continued participating and that he will carry out the test, this prompted Han to sincerely tell Bam everything. Han tells Bam that it seems ridiculous and crazy that he goes up the tower just for a simple girl, he also confesses that he knew from the beginning that Bam was an Irregular, he also knew about his relationship with "Michelle" ... Here he comes a confession from Han "Actually, having you reject the crown during the game because of Michelle, sending Ho a note explaining that she was the reason you were climbing the tower and half-healing Rachel's leg ... Everything it was part of my plan. "

Bam reproaches Han for the reason for his actions and tells him that he is a bad person, but Han tells him that it is because "You are dangerous and you are crazy." Even so, the talk changes course a bit and they end up talking about what's at the top and why they all want to go up, but for Bam if Rachel isn't there, there's no point in going up. In the end, Bam says to Han, "He said that I thought he was a bit ... But it seems to me that you haven't found anything worth loving among all the garbage in the tower," and then Bam simply warns and threatens that he will go up. the tower and you will find what he wants up there (which you already know it is, because in the anime he said it).

The test begins with the explanation of what is the Gobido Dolphin or fisherman, the pit where the queen is is called "Glass of wine" because at 10 in the morning the water level increases and at 5 in the afternoon it decreases because is drained. The work of those dolphins is to create a mesh inside the cup that thanks to the Shinsu once it is collected, it takes all the fish to the queen so that it feeds. The rest is just as in the Anime, Han talks about the "Thieves or Barnacles who raise worms that steal the fish and then take them out of their stomachs, also talks about" The dogs or striped anteater "who are fast, eat dolphins and Han himself wrote on the slides that "If you look carefully you look like Rak." Finally there is talk of the “Bull”, an animal that is at the top of the food chain, loves to eat Gobido and human dolphins (it is also on the slides that this animal has the silhouette of Rak).

That scene of Princess Yuri Jahad is almost the same. Also that scene of Serena when she says that "Bam keeps what we lost before coming to the Tower" ... They also talk about Shibisu being good and Khun too. Here is something that happened totally different and that I insist they should do the same because Shibisu is the funny of the Manhwa, because in the scene where he faces the Bull, he does not have that Serena's razor, so he rushes to the bull this stops him with his whip and licks it, but I don't know what he eats. Shibisu strips him in the "Balls" and tells him that if it doesn't hurt, it is because he is not a man and since it didn't hurt, he says "Miss?"

The plan is elaborated by the best thinking and planning head that the Khun and who by deduction and logic makes them know that the dolphin ecosystem has no problems, because the Thieves protect the dolphins from the Dogs and they at the same time fight against the Thieves, the problem here is if the worms make it through the cup. So the Spear Bearers must kill the Worms, the Scouts must watch over the Thieves and when the Dogs appear, they must make all of them fight each other to clear the way for the team. Andorssi and Anaak fight before attacking the Bull, Shibisu fights and flees from the Bull for a long time until the Princesses bet on the Black March and being the slave of the other, only in this way did they help Shibisu who was already bleeding from the head by one half bite of the Bull.

Andorssi shows why she is a Jahad Pincesa and that the story that she tied with a Supreme may be true, but due to her childish fights with Anaak they lost the opportunity to kill the Bull and were carried away by the hook of Yoga or Ren Asesino number 67 of the Jahad Royal Guard. Now the turn of that little girl who has the ability to Raise Shibisu Fish has given her the idea ah Khun that people like her with that ability can manipulate any animal ... Like a Bull. A big difference between the Episode and the Manhwa is that when Andorssi is attacked by the Bull, he does it from above, flying, Flying with that red cape! That it is not a cape, it is its wings. The point is that the Bull carries Andorssi to the water and that's why she begins to suffocate. Then Anaak runs into Ren and he provokes her saying "I was surprised to see a ghost here ... She died before my eyes" he shows her the necklace and Ren says very clearly "It was me who killed your mother", (this provocation is very different from the anime and clearer).

Another very big difference is that when Anaak confronts Ren, he does not attack Ren, but one of his “Pets” controlled by a chain does so, a pet that is too strong and resists the Green Avril along with his attacks. In the end it is not Ren's tongue that stabs Anaak but a horn of that animal that was not even controlled by Ren. While Bam feels like that place in the middle of the "Cup" every time, his body absorbs a certain power and energy that goes into him without stopping ... While Rachel watches with attention and insight. In the Manhwa something different happens and that is that the Green Cucumber or Paracule, begins to think that the worms will eat Bam and Rachel and lose the test, which will make him lose and let himself be carried away as always by what attacks the Worms and Thieves damaging part of the plan ... As always.

Ren tells Anaak that all this evidence, the Administrators, the Supervisors, the Tower and everything that inhabits it are Anaak's enemies and they want to see her dead, since she is the enemy of Jahad. Then Andorssi appears between that tail of the Bull and Ren wakes her up to offer her the Avril Verde and to test her loyalty to King Jahad, because if she assassinates Anaak she will be given that weapon from the Thirteen Month Series ... In the next chapter more things will appear that will leave us open-mouthed and Shibisu is the curtain.


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