The author of the manga series Elfen Lied, Lynn okamoto, He shared through his personal Twitter account on June 7 some curiosities about this manga series. Okamoto, then a rookie in the manga industry, wanted to create a manga series in the same style as the popular harem series. Love hinaBut he soon discovered the power of a story that could be told on its own, thanks to the advice of its experienced editor.

"When I was a rookie before serialization [de Elfen Lied]I wanted to draw a manga similar to Love Hina, so I made a rough draft for that series that would later become Elfen Lied"

"After seeing that, my editor suggested I drop the idea of ​​doing something similar to Love Hina. However, now that I remember well, the first chapter stayed almost the same as the draft I submitted, so I think from the beginning I was wrong thinking that I could do something similar to Love Hina from that."The author commented on the attached panels in his post.

While it's easy to find some similarities between some aspects of Elfen Lied and Love Hina, it's safe to say when looking at both series together that Elfen Lied had a huge departure from the romantic comedy. Although it never ceases to be curious to know where Okamoto's inspiration came from when creating the manga, especially with two completely different works from each other.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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