The author of the manga UQ Holder! and Love hina, Ken Akamatsu, shared an update on Twitter about a situation that occurred to him when, during an official event, when he was asked what the Japanese manga industry needs to survive abroad. Akamatsu has served as an adviser to the Japanese government in the past when it comes to creators and the manga industry.

"This month, I was invited to participate in a discussion forum in the House of Councilors, but instead, a member of DIET (Japanese government) asked me: «What measures are needed for the Japanese manga industry to survive in the world? » To which I replied: «First and foremost, freedom of expression. Compared to other countries, Japan's strength is its freedom in creating stories. However, with foreign platforms becoming increasingly dominant, I would like to avoid a situation where Japanese works are regulated by foreign standards."

Akamatsu went on to say that, to preserve manga for the next ten years, draft manga manuscripts should be stored, displayed, and monetized at the National Manga Center. According to Akamatsu, all members of the government present at the meeting agreed.

In the past, Ken Akamatsu distributed his works with the brand "doujin" on the covers, expressing that the author of the work agreed that fans made derivative works. The first series that had this brand printed was the manga UQ Holder!.

Source: Official Twitter Account


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