Hiro Mashima's new manga, EDENS ZERO, has gone a little quiet compared to the stellar success achieved by the author's previous work, Fairy Tail. However, a turnaround at work seems imminent as Weekly Shonen Magazine has an important announcement in store for next week.

It is not yet clear why EDENS ZERO is slow to grow in terms of popularity, even if fans can't help criticizing some not particularly original narrative choices and, above all, the constant recycling of characters from the imagery of Fairy Tail, a decision that not all fans have properly appreciated.

However, while sensei continues to work hard at the manga, despite the difficulties that emerged following the COVID-19, on the net some insiders have started to rumor about the animated adaptation of EDENS ZERO. Corridor rumors that seem to have more and more ground since the magazine's first leaks Weekly Shonen Magazine, on which the manga is currently serialized, anticipate a "big upcoming announcement"for the franchise coming up next week. For the occasion, the magazine also provided a color page for the comic in question.

That the moment of the anime has finally arrived for EDENS ZERO now that the manga is close to chapter 100? Tell us your opinion about it, as always, in the appropriate section dedicated to comments at the bottom of the page.

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