In the new episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission, released to mark the eleventh anniversary of the arcade video game, viewers witnessed the debut of a new, mysterious character, a child whose ki, as Son Goku points out, corresponds to that of the evil Fu.

At the beginning of the 39th episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, a new antagonist appears on the battlefield. He, with the appearance of a demonic child, is none other than Fu, who joined the dark, fleeting Dogidogi to destroy the labyrinth of time. But what really happened to the main antagonist of the non-canon anime? The explanation provides us with the biography of the character published on the official website.

In an attempt to create a new universe, Fu gave birth to the Fictional Universe by harnessing the power of the Universe Tree. Trapped in the labyrinth of time, he is forced to flee using the power of the fleeting god Dogidogi. However, this fed him due to a space-time distortion merge with Dogidogi. Now Fu has transformed into a younger version of himself, capable of harnessing the fighting potential of the fleeting god.

With this new, great shape, with a single attack, Fu Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue and Xeno Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 can defeat. Has he become invincible or does the Kaioshin of the time know the method to stop him?

And you, what do you think of this antagonist and his characterization? Before we say goodbye, let's leave you on the first teaser trailer of Super Dragon Ball Heores: Universe God Mission, the anime's next 3DCG saga, and the transformation of Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker.

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