In the movie Dragon Ball Super: Superhero the new version of one of the historical antagonists of the universe, created by Akira Toriyama, appeared, and the master himself confirmed that despite the incredible power that the villain shows, his level is not yet comparable to that reached by the Saiyan of legend : Broly.

The myriad of spoilers leaked online hours after the film's theatrical release had already confirmed that alongside characters like Gohan and Piccolo who have returned with new transformations, the final antagonist of the film it would have been a new version of the historical Cell: Cell Max. It is the result of one of the experiments of Hedo, Gero's brilliant grandson, who used Cell's original designs to create a more powerful version.

However, as stated by Toriyama himself “Hedo only did it because Magenta wanted it at the time is not very happy with Cell Max". Also according to the original author, who we remember being heavily involved in the production, Cell Max could be one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe, but since he was activated before reaching full form, he is weaker than the main character antagonist from the previous film in the franchise: Broly.

“If Cell Max had been completed as planned, it would have been like this an unbeatable creature even for Brolybut after being forcibly activated prematurely, he has become an uncontrollable monster" so commented Master Toriyama.

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