As we've been told throughout the work, Enji Todoroki raised his children with the sole intention of doing what he never could: Overcoming All Might. In which Chapter 351 of My Hero Academiahowever, it's Endeavor's firepower that gives way to the new generation.

The clashes with Tomura Shigaraki and Himiko Toga have been temporarily set aside. In recent chapters, Kohei Horikoshi has taken the spotlight Conflict of the Todoroki family.

Meanwhile, as agreed between them, Endeavor will take care of All For One Dabi's responsibility lies with Shoto. Of all the heroes, he is the only one who can withstand his older brother's hateful flame.

Both Toya and Shoto were raised by their father Enji with the aim of surpassing even the unrivaled symbol of peace. In pursuit of such a mad purpose, Endeavor robbed his children of their youth, driving Toya to suicide and ruining the Todoroki family. If none of them could hold a candle to All Might right now, both Todoroki have passed the new number one.

Endeavor has been surpassed and its children have eclipsed it. The flame from Dabi's destruction in My Hero Academia 351 turns one of Endeavor's most iconic moves against Shoto. The villain actually launches his hell spider, an even more powerful version than the original. In fact, instead of thin concentrated jets of fire, this has pillars of raging flames. In addition, Dabi also unleashes very strongly Lightning Fist: Jet Burn.

Like his older brother, Shoto also surpasses his father after dealing with his weakness in My Hero Academia 351. The smallest of the Todoroki unleashes his version of the Flashfire Fist, the Phosphorus. However, the effect of his killing blow is still uncertain.

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