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Chapter 23: Unforgivable

Chapter 23 of Plunderer shows us the continuation of the fight between "Ases". Licht faces the fearsome combination of Doan and Sonohara, whose powers make it difficult for the "Ace of Scintillating Strikes" to use their high speed. The situation is desperate and Doan does not plan to forgive his enemies, so he launches an attack to catch everyone present. Pele needs to save Lynn, but gravity makes it difficult for him.

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Licht has no choice but to take out the power that makes him bloody, a situation that Doan and a narcotic Sonohara want to happen. However, before Licht loses her temper, someone arrives to save the situation. Jail destroys Doan's gravity waits, and joins the battle. Despite having a "Count" of one, he manages to beat Sonohara in a duel of pure determination.

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However, Licht is not overpowered even if he only faces Doan. The "Heavy Hitting Ace" proves that he is the natural enemy of speed, and will more than pay the favor that Licht owes him. What he had to suffer to keep his comrade-in-arms alive. The promise that Licht intends to break paid off that debt long ago, but now that he tries to break it, he will have to pay with his own life.


The current arc reaches its climax, and they show us the last fight that our heroes will have to overcome. Doan is desperate to protect what he painstakingly helped build, while Licht tries to convince him that the world they live in is wrong and must end. The fight between ideology takes place in chapter 23 of Plunderer, where the winner will decide Alcia's fate.

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I must admit that the quality has surprised me. It is still deficient in many aspects, such as deformations in the physiognomy, or in the general body shape of the characters. However, these shortcomings are minimal compared to those seen in other episodes of the series, in addition to the quick scenes being very well accomplished. I hope the last episode maintains this quality to a minimum.

The promise

In Chapter 23 of Plunderer reveal more details of Licht's promise to Doan. We know that the protagonist promised not to destroy what the war built. What both "Aces" helped form with so much blood spilled. However, we did not know what Doan had to do for Licht to make Licht feel compelled to hold onto that promise.

War is cruel to everyone. Those people who were lucky enough to never witness or participate in one, we can never imagine the horrible things that happen. Look at human cruelty at its best. Doan and Licht have seen that, and have had to respond with the same cruelty. How many horrible things will humanity have done in order to win from win wars? Many times, reality overcomes fiction.

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The enemy discovered the weakness of the "Sparkling Ace of Strikes": Licht inherited Schmerman's weakness for children. Recall that the old teacher always showed a protective feeling towards children. We have seen him surrounded by children, reading fairy tales. That he is assiduous to this literature already speaks a lot about his love for infants. But we see this more clearly when he defended Class A from the danger posed by surgery to make them "Aces."

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Licht's Schmerman gene overexposure left him unable to take the lives of children. The enemies had no mercy and used children with the intention of killing him. Doan had to act then, killing those enemies that Licht was unable to touch. Now we can understand more about the burden Doan has on his back. It is clearer why he does not want his actions to be in vain. Will Licht be able to convince his former comrade-in-arms to join him?

The strength of determination

Jail arrived at the battlefield just in time. He made a dramatic entrance and saved all his companions from certain death. No, he came to save his friends. With him fighting side-by-side with Licht, the balance of the fight balances a bit, although his "Count" doesn't seem to favor him much. However, the determination manages to show to be a greater force than any "Count" or a special surgery.

His opponent had to be, of course, Sonohara. The girl who for 300 years needed drugs to fulfill her responsibilities, to support her emotional dependence on Rihito. For 300 years Sonohara never managed to have a conviction of his own (and yes, it is partly Licht's fault). Jail managed to take advantage of this to defeat her. The "Ace" did not want to hurt his friend, so he unconsciously limited his own power. In addition to Jail's great control over his β€œBallot”, the battle was already decided from the beginning.

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Although the outcome of the fight with Sonohara can be explained in terms of psychological battle, his entry is not. Jail was somehow able to destroy Doan's energy spheres that imprisoned Licht, in addition to deflecting a direct attack. Without being an "Ace", and having a "Count" of one, you should not have been capable of such feats. What do you think of these events of chapter 23 of Plunderer?

Who you are?

Although the reflectors of chapter 23 of Plunderer focus on the fight, the action manages to take several pauses to show Lynn's status. The surgery that Pele performs, assisted by Hina, seems to be progressing well (perhaps interrupted a bit by Doan), but there is something strange about it. Where did Pele learn to use EUS surgical tools?

Hina knows the instruments since her training at the "Special Military School # 13", 300 years in the past, focused on medicine. However, it is never mentioned that Pele had any such training during his journey to the past. This detail is noted in this episode by Hina, who does not take her eyes off the young man. Recall that, in the last episode, Pele received instructions from Licht for the intervention, who made it clear to him that he knew he had the ability. Who are you Pele?

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Being on the eve of the end of Plunderer, the penultimate episode gives us an exciting fight. The expected fight between two "Aces", and the expected confrontation between Licht and Doan, begins, this time in earnest. Jail has returned too, and Sonohara has overcome on her own the effects of the drugs that make her a psychopath. How will it all end?

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I find it hard to imagine how it will end Plunderer after chapter 23. There are many things to tell, and we only have one episode left. The fight against Doan is far from over, and the final boss is still missing: Schmerman. Licht will have to find a way to come back to life to deal with such enemies. Yes, come back to life again.


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