Attention! This review of Chapter 5 of Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2 It’s full of spoilers. We recommend that you watch the episode first, and then read it again.

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Chapter 5: One Step Forward

Chapter 5 of Subject: Zero 2 It starts right where the previous one ended, and Echidna and Subaru face each other in a classroom. The witch confirms to Subaru that he passed the exam and that the world they are in is false. Even his parents are wrong. Subaru doesn’t seem to mind, however, and he only thanks Echidna for the opportunity he gave him to talk to his family again.

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Back at the cemetery, Subaru helps a frightened Emilia. Not only did the girl fail the test, it affected her too badly. Night after night Emilia tries again and again to pass the test, but she always comes out defeated and very scared. In the meantime, Subaru manages to convince Garfiel to let the villagers go. As long as Emilia cannot leave the sanctuary, it makes no sense to force the girl with hostages.

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Subaru leaves the “sanctuary” with all the villagers of Arlam and Otto to send a message to Beatrice. Garfiel gives him his “Shining Crystal” and reminds him that he must return knowing that Subaru passed the test. And so they all come home happy to be reunited with their families. However, Subaru is desperate.


Subaru managed to pass one of the three questions that make up The Sanctuary Test. However, he has no intention of continuing with the next and thus freeing the residents and hostages. The boy knows that the person who has to free her is Emilia, and he just has to support her as much as he can. That is the central idea of ​​chapter 5 of Subject: Zero 2where we know a little more about the feelings our white-haired protagonist is hiding.

The problems don’t just develop in the “sanctuary,” as Subaru literally affirms in its own flesh, however. The enemies of the Emilia faction continue to attack the allies, and Subaru not only has to worry about helping Emilia in such a difficult process before him, but he also has to face a much more recent past: Elsa has returned.

Is it so necessary to overcome the past?

Emilia wasn’t having a good time. Neither in The Trial of the Sanctuary, nor in life, as the former may suggest. However, Emilia has to pass this test on her own, without the help of the people who take care of her. Without the help of Subaru. Even the aggressive Garfiel has shown a bit of empathy for the girl who is going to set him free and can’t stand seeing her so badly. But it also raised an important question that rocked Subaru and me: do you really want to get over your past?

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As Garfiel puts it, it seems that Emilia really doesn’t want to let go of this past that haunts her. And Garfiel has no shortage of reasons to say that night after night Emilia does not seem to be making progress in her mission. It could be the opposite of Subaru in that he apparently always intended to shed the weight his past had left him. He always wanted to talk to his parents.

But as Chapter 5 of Subject: Zero 2It seems that Emilia refuses to let go of the great weight that her past has placed on her back. A past that terrified her, that she might prefer to forget or, on the contrary, that she clung to to continue her lonely path. The girl calls her father and Pack and waits for help. Maybe she needs them to stop saving her in order to get stronger. Is that why Pack left?

I have faith in you

Roswaal has finally made his intentions clear, much to Subaru’s chagrin. After Roswaal was questioned so intensely by Subaru, he revealed the reason he was absent when the “witch cult” entered his domain. Everyone knew this was happening, or at least anyone with a privileged position in the kingdom. Someone like Roswaal himself: I wanted to increase the popularity of Emilia and Subaru to improve their image.

The end justifies the means, as this famous phrase says. Roswaal seems to be doing everything possible to crown Emilia Queen of Lugunica and even endanger her own reputation. For in this terrible plan he not only injured a number of people who died as a result of the “witch cult”, but also damaged his position as duke by not responding to the problems of the countries in his care. What is your real goal

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Whatever your goal, I don’t think you only believe in Subaru like you did in Chapter 5 of Subject: Zero 2. It is true that, in his view, Subaru has solved many problems that plagued the Emilia faction. However, it is also notorious that Subaru has used luck on many occasions. Even Subaru itself has recognized that other than the “return of death” everything else was pure luck. How much will Roswaal know about Subaru’s identity?

You promised

Elsa. Not much to say about whoever carried out the first Subaru kill (do you get the reference?). Perhaps the person who terrified the poor young Japanese man the most since he was born. It’s not anymore as it made Subaru realize that his Isekai story wasn’t going to be as beautiful as he first thought. Now Subaru has died again from this silent blade and will use his “return from the dead” again to confront the madwoman with courage.

With this ending many questions remain open. The first is without a doubt where will the save point be? This will define how Subaru must proceed to avoid that bad ending. One of the possibilities is that he is forced to free the sanctuary’s residents himself to bring reinforcements to the mansion so that Emilia no longer has any reason to continue with “The Sanctuary Test”.

The alternative is no better. He cannot carry Roswaal who is injured (can he?). Ram may be, but the girl probably doesn’t like leaving Roswaal alone in hostile territory. Or maybe Echidna can help you with something. However, there aren’t many options and Subaru needs to make sure Frederica, Petra and Rem make it out of this unfortunate heist alive.


Chapter 5 of Subject: Zero 2 It was pretty quiet. We have seen Emilia’s development continue as she has to overcome many of the fears that she has dragged with her for many years to become queen. Although she is now stuck, a situation will soon arise that will force her to think about things from a different perspective, that will help her find the answer to Garfiel’s question: is it so necessary to overcome the past?

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An unbelievable episode in which you manage to put yourself in the shoes of Emilia’s fear through the facial expressions. The tears in her eyes, those lines that form around her mouth, and the chattering of her teeth. A great scene. What do you think of Chapter 5 of Subject: Zero 2?


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