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Final Chapter: My Ace

Licht has been swallowed by a gravity well. Now he is in a dark place, where not even light can escape. You need to get out, you have to keep a lot of promises you have pending. He cannot die yet. However, the voices of the "Legendary Aces" urge him to stay, and finally rest from so much suffering; that way he wouldn't kill anyone anymore. Licht surrenders in despair, but a familiar voice will not let him give up. So begins the final chapter of Plunderer.

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Sonohara, Nana, Jail and Hina face Doan alone. They are unwilling to surrender, and they do not think Licht has yet. Angry, Doan tries to launch an attack on the allies; Hina screams the name of the man she loves. A golden light comes out of Doan's sphere of gravity, it is growing enough to let out a Licht bathed in the same light. Doan cannot believe what he is seeing.

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Licht has returned with the help of Hina's voice. He has finally made the decision not to do things alone again. He will do everything with the help of his friends. He tries to convince Doan to join, but the "Heavy Hitting Ace" is unwilling to budge. However, Licht is stronger than before, and manages to deliver a final blow. Doan accepts his defeat, and returns Hina's "Original Ballot".

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In this way, our heroes have managed to overcome another obstacle. Lynn slowly recovers from her physical wounds, although heart wounds will take longer to heal. Also, Licht and Hina have started their new life as a couple, although the young woman is too excited. The protagonists live a moment of peace, but they know that it will not last long. Knowing this, Licht, Sonohara, Nana, Jail, Lynn, Pele and Hina undertake a dangerous journey to steal the other "Original Ballot", unaware that the leftovers of their future enemies will be very familiar to them.

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The final chapter of Plunderer The last arc of this adaptation of the work has come to finish. In addition to showing the end of the fight against Doan (see my previous review), it offers us a little epilogue. In this part of the episode, we can see our heroes preparing for their next adventure, as well as the antagonist preparing his next attack. All in order to anticipate a continuation in history.

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I have to admit, I was hoping that the anime would bring a definitive end to the story. I know that the manga has much more to give, but the setbacks that the adaptation has had in terms of animation quality did not give me much hope. However, this does not necessarily imply a second season. The lack of commitment that has been given to this first season indicates that there are no plans to continue.

Continuing with the animation quality, I must say that the final chapter of Plunderer has presenting a good job. Well, personally I found that the animation this time was very good. Mainly I liked the "kawaii" scenes of Lynn, which I thought were very well done (Would saying that they looked cute to me now would be redundant?). And without forgetting that preventive attack by Pele a Licht. That's how all the episodes should be!

Doan's promise

At last they have shown us the complete flashback of the promise between Licht and Doan, in the final chapter of Plunderer. All these episodes I have been misinterpreting the clues they gave us about it. I always believed that the promise was not to destroy Alcia, but in the end it was always to end the "War of Waste". In the end, this promise would be broken anyway with Alcia's destruction, as that war would return.

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No. It is incorrect to say that the "War of Waste" has ended. Let us remember that attack that Alcia received with the war helicopter that came from the "Abyss". That artifact was sent by those "below", the former enemies. That they could not attack for so long does not imply that the war is over. Alcia continues to steal her resources and cause deaths to these people. Could it be that the promise between Doan and Licht has not yet been fulfilled?

Who you are?

Young Pele was always treated as too minor a character. Of course, he was very helpful on various occasions, but I always had the impression that he remained behind the scenes. However, we always had hints that it was not a common cornflower, but we never managed to pay enough attention to them. In the final chapter of Plunderer, at least we are confirmed that it hides a great secret.

I will try to recall some inconsistencies in Pele's behavior. We could start with the one Licht mentioned in the episode: He reacted to the pistols when no other Alcian recognized them. Another one, of course, would be the surgery that she had on Lynn. These tracks have already been mentioned directly by the series, but I have another one: Pele learned in record time to use technology from 300 years ago.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, as the famous phrase of the famous writer Arthur C. Clarke says. For any Alcian, information technologies such as computers, tablets, or smartphones should seem like magical objects. Nothing in their world would prepare them to use such devices, even with a manual ... And Pele learned with one.

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As smart as Pele is, I don't think it's possible he learned computer use that fast. To do so, he must have had contact with at least similar devices before. Perhaps he obtained that knowledge in the same place where he had medical (and culinary) training. Will it be USE? It would be possible, of course, but there is another option: It has lived 300 years. But how? In the same way as Hina's mother, or as Licht? Will there be a difference between Tsukina's longevity and Licht's?

The decision

Licht has lived 300 years with an idea. An idea that has deeply hurt him, and paradoxically, everyone he wanted to protect. Turning away from people who love you to protect them from evil actions was not the best of your decisions. Class A always suffered seeing Rihito's deterioration, without having the ability to help him bear a bit of that burden. A burden that in principle belonged to them.

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Now he is not willing to be alone. He has support, and he will have to let each of his companions bear the burden that touches them. And it is not because he does not want to continue bearing all that weight, but because they decided for themselves that they will. Licht will no longer rob his colleagues of the place they want to occupy. Because, although it is painful to be there, they decided to stop there, since they will be close to their precious friend.


In this episode number 24, or the final chapter of PlundererWe say goodbye to this anime that accompanied us for two full seasons (Winter and Spring 2020). A series that brought us laughs and very epic scenes, but also somewhat awkward moments due to the technical setbacks that the production had. Despite so many headaches, a farewell is still a farewell, and today we have to let go of a good anime.

Review | Plunderer – Final Chapter
Β© 2020 ζ°΄ η„‘ 月 す う / KADOKAWA / γƒ— ラ ン ダ ラ 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

This last installment took us with great expectations regarding the continuation of the story; Those shadows that were presented with Schmerman have a fairly well-known look. However, I doubt that a second adaptation will be confirmed in the near future. While I do not rule out the possibility, I do not think there is interest in production to continue the story. In the end everything indicates that it was only a promotion of the manga.

Anyway, it was a pleasure to continue week by week Plunderer together with you, and I look forward to you continuing to accompany me in this world we love, the world of anime. Now it is your turn to give your own opinion regarding this series. Have you enjoyed Plunderer? What did you think of your final chapter? Do you want a second adaptation in the future? I read them in the comments.

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