Attention! This review of Chapter 13 of Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2 It's full of spoilers. We recommend that you watch the episodes first, and then read again.

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Chapter 13: The Sound of Crying

Chapter 13 of Subject: Zero 2 It starts right where the previous one left off, and Satella arrives for the witches tea party. Echidna is outraged at the sudden appearance of her fellow man, but Subaru's reaction is much stronger. The boy finally has to face the being that has caused so much suffering and pain to himself and his fellow men. The one in charge of Subaru suffers in this cruel world.

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With an "I love you" Satella sums up all of her intentions. Subaru can't accept that; He can't understand how the witch's love for him made her treat the young man like that. The witches surround her and Minerva berates him for being unfair to Satella: she has helped him many times and in some ways saved his life. Subaru decides to run away from all of its problems the way it can: by committing suicide.

Subaru bites his tongue and the blood flows away from his body along with his life. Typhon and Sekhmet respect their decision, unlike Minerva. With the help of Carmilla, however, the boy manages to find a reason to live: the love of the people around him. And so Subaru refuses Echidna's offer after Daphne prevented him from dying and Minerva cured him. He will no longer have to rely on his own pain to save the people around him, he will begin the difficult path that Satella wishes for him: Love yourself more. Do not suffer. Don't complain. Value you more

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Back in reality, Subaru prepares to continue on his way and decides to consult Roswaal for advice. However, he learns a truth that is far from the boy's understanding: Roswaal was the one who commissioned Elsa and Meili to massacre the mansion. Stunned, Subaru runs into the woods trying to find a solution to everything around him. But he doesn't expect Otto to be the one to bring him to his senses. Stop trying to be strong in front of your friends, Natsuki Subaru!


The end of this first part has come, and chapter 13 of Subject: Zero 2 leaves us with a great taste in the mouth. Subaru gradually begins to understand how it affects others and how its actions hurt those around him. and they want it. We know the boy's past makes it difficult for him to accept the love another person shows for him, but this season two gradually leads him to find his true strength.

On the other hand, Subaru refused Echidna's help; The witch wanted to take advantage of the "return of death", but that's no longer on the young Japanese's agenda. Now Subaru has to try again to get out of the predicament it is in. A predicament in which his benefactor Roswaal has brought him, who forces him to choose between saving Emilia or Beatrice.

If Subaru got the moral right that this first part of the second season of Re: zeroYou will know that you cannot do without help. They have many hands that would love to help if you want. Every couple specializes in something that Subaru doesn't. The question now is not what Subaru will do, but what our protagonists will do to contradict Roswaal's desire to save both the "sanctuary" and the mansion.

You love Me?

In the second season of this wonderful series, Subaru was developed as the central axis. The previous one was dedicated to the introduction to the dangerous world of Emilia and took the opportunity to deal a good blow to the young man used to peaceful Japan. Subaru has managed to overcome his past and offer his parents the excuse he loved so much. Now is the time to move beyond your present so that you can see the future more clearly.

Even if Subaru has managed to overcome its past, immediate change is impossible. The young man continues to carry a great deal of weight on his shoulders, and a few days of vacation in the "sanctuary" will not bring about any sudden change in the boy. This past continues to affect his present, and this present in which he does not feel worthy of anything has tied him to his "return from death" as chapter 13 of Subject: Zero 2.

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Subaru believes that if he disappears, it will not affect anyone and people will get on with their lives in the best possible way. But that is not true. Not only did Subaru save Emilia in many ways by offering her the love the Half-Elf never had, but Rem and Beatrice received something that changed them in so many ways. And although they are the three most important, the list goes on and ranges from Reinhard to Wilhelm. Subaru doesn't know, but his death wouldn't bring good times.

I think the most significant example is Emilia. She managed to grow a lot thanks to Subaru, that's a fact, but it should be noted that her evolution is far from perfect. It has come a long way thanks to the fact that Subaru carries a large chunk of its weight. If the young man disappeared, the girl would inevitably fall. This Subaru must know because he saw her mourn her death in one of the visions of the second trial of the "sanctuary". Emilia still can't walk alone, so Subaru can't afford to die again.

You hate me?

Roswaal L. Mathers, owner of the "Roswaal Mansion", patroness of Emilia, benefactress of Ram, Rem and, why not ?, Subaru, also the strongest magician of Lugunica. A character who, according to Subaru, likes to dress up as a clown, but keeps great secrets even from those he calls dear. A man who can be understood as a joke at first, but who knows him and can arouse the greatest fears.

Subaru now knows that Roswaal is the mastermind of all the problems that have bothered him so much since arriving at the Sanctuary. The reason? Convert Subaru into the image and likeness of himself. Remove Subaru of scruples so that he can pursue his goals without worry and with the necessary sacrifices. To deprive the young man of a human heart that is a promise to grant his own desires.

Roswaal is the opposite of Subaru; rather the direct antagonist. It's not that he's the bad guy in the story, it's just that he has methods that totally contradict Subarus. Roswaal sees the boy's potential to become something like him without having read any side stories about it Re: zero Maybe you can agree. Subaru wants to achieve his goals, but at the same time he wants to see smiles in everyone; Roswaal only wants the former.

In Chapter 13 of Subject: Zero 2 We saw Roswaal exclaim that he hopes Subaru won't let him down again. And since it's the main job, Subaru is going to let him all down anyway. For this he has a power that is greater than that which Echidna could have given him, and in order to achieve it he will follow the words of the person he least expected: do not carry it all alone. Fight with those you value. Do not forget that there are people who will mourn your death.

I love you

Who would have thought that such a simple character was so important? Someone who competes with Subaru itself in weakness (although Subaru continues to win in that area) and who has managed to make a big mark with only emotions Re: zero. I'm of course talking about Otto. Perhaps the greatest friend Subaru has ever made in the world is Emilia. even if Reinhard gets jealous.

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I've talked about Otto in previous reviews. He is the resident person from the world of Emilia who comes closest to what you can expect from a good-natured boy from the world of Subaru. First of all, friendly, free from all sorts of malice (and also very naive). A true rarity in such a cruel and dangerous world, and maybe that's why it didn't go in the best way.

Subaru has a great ally and a great confidante in Otto. A person who can never betray him and who will hit him if he thinks he is doing something stupid (Reinhard would kill him if he did it). Without a doubt, Otto is a person who can recognize Subaru as equals in a world full of monsters.

I hate you

I think the fame of the "witch of jealousy (envy)" precedes it. Their actions have left a big scar on the world and with them a great hatred of them and everything that remembers them. I think everyone outside of this world, I mean us, the viewers, and Subaru, a foreigner who lives there now, learned to hate Satella almost instantly. But do you really deserve this feeling?

As I've said before, I don't think witches are bad in the strict sense of the word. That is, they harm other people just to see them suffer. I think it's more of an understanding problem than anything else. Maybe Satella tried to help, but nothing went as expected. Or maybe you tried to help just one person and sacrificed many more. An extreme act of love.

Anyway, Chapter 13 of Subject: Zero 2 I wanted more to get to know Satella. I think the story that precedes it and the "sin witches" in general would be very interesting to know. Only when we know the full background of Satella can we decide whether to hate her or love her.


These last chapters of the second season of Re: zero It was a heart attack. We've had some great revelations and it gave us something different from what we enjoyed in season one. We're in the middle and 13 episodes later we didn't even make it to finish the arc. Subaru isn't even close to solving all of the problems that both the mansion and the "Sanctuary" face.

Β© AD 月 達 / ・ AD KADOKAWA 刊 / Re: γ‚Ό γƒ­ か ら 始 め γ‚‹ η•° δΈ–η•Œ 製作 2 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Chapter 13 of Subject: Zero 2 marks the end of this first part of this second season, which left me with a very good taste in my mouth. But it also made me want more. We'll have to wait a long time to keep enjoying this beautiful adaptation that White Fox brought us. Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu returns in January 2021. Until then!


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