Shakunetsu no Niraikanai: unveiled the plot of the new Tamura manga, author of Beelzebub

Years have passed since the conclusion of Beelzebub, a manga with a hooligan and a demonic child who delighted the readers of Weekly Shonen Jump for several chapters. Ryuhei Tamura tried to return in 2017 with another story, Hungry Marie, which unfortunately failed. This time it's the turn of Shakunetsu no Niraikanai.

A few weeks ago, Weekly Shonen Jump announced four brand new manga that would appear in the pages of the magazine in the coming weeks. The first was Kentaro Yabuki's Ayakashi Triangle, followed by this week's manga, Hakaishin Magu-chan. The third new entry will be Ryuhei Tamura's new manga, scheduled for Monday 29 June.

Shakunetsu no Niraikanai had so far only presented himself with a small, unreadable miniature, but the previews of the next issue of Shueisha's magazine presented a larger image and even a hint of plot. Shakunetsu no Niraikanai will be a detective story which will involve an investigator whose blood immediately goes to the head and a "girl from the sea". As you can see from the preview in the tweet below, the matched boy plus child returns who made Beelzebub famous and comical in early 2010. What do you expect from the new Tamura manga? Will it be a hit like Beelzebub or a flop like Hungry Marie?

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