Golden Kamui: an insider pronounces on the launch month of the third season

Like several other series, the production of the third season of Golden Kamui has been opposed by the spread of Coronavirus. Nonetheless, the debut date is not so far from the original one, as revealed by a new Twitter post.

The insider SpyTrue, in fact, confirmed the return of Golden Kamui for the month of October.

The official synopsis of the animated series, provided by Crunchyroll, is as follows:

"The story takes place in the mighty northern field of Hokkaido, towards the end of the Meiji era. A post-war soldier, Sugimoto, aka" Immortal Sugimoto ", needed large sums of money for a particular purpose ... What awaited Sugimoto, who entered the gold rush of Hokkaido with dreams of making a fortune, was a tattooed map that led to a hidden treasure, based on hints inscribed on the bodies of detainees in Abashiri prison ?! Hokkaido against the ferocious condemned men and the meeting with an Ainu girl, Ashiripa !! Start a survival battle for a hidden treasure hunt! "

Mysterious events shock the protagonists in this Golden Kamui promo. In case you haven't looked at Golden Kamui's third season yet, we refer you to the official trailer.

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