My Teen Romantic Comedy: a new visual of the third season has been leaked

The third and final season of will debut soon My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, which recently revealed itself through a new promotional poster. Originally, the series was due to air in April, to be postponed in the summer due to the pandemic.

On the images, available at the bottom of the article, stands the trio of heroines composed Yukino, Yui and Iroha, with a look so far unpublished. It is possible that it is an extemporaneous choice - often the promotional material follows this logic - which therefore we will not see within the third season.

My Teen Romantic Comedy will debut in Japan on July 9th, with Sentai Filmworks licensing the season for an English language adaptation. For the moment the streaming platforms where it will be possible to watch the animated series have not been announced.

However, we have a certainty regarding the cast and the staff who made the anime, both are back from the previous season. The third iteration of My Teen Romantic Comedy will consist of 12 episodes in total, transposing the final volumes of the original series of light novels written by Watary Watari and Ponkan 8.

Do you know the narrative universe of My Teen Romantic Comedy? Tell us below with a comment.

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