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Chapter 5: Ensemble - Resonance

Lonely Setsu remembers yesterday's snow, but it's time to get started with the club Rai is joining. Sawamura will teach them at Maeda's request so that they can attend, only that he gets no results and becomes frustrated with himself. The teacher, brave and in love, asks Kamiki to give some advice by sending the interpretation of by mail Shinbushi by Setsu. Master Kamiki arrives at the school and asks Sawamura to play again. He plays and the pro joins in and pulls the tune to make a good connection. That was his advice, he withdrew and days later the boys could finally play the piece for the competition.

Chapter Opinion

I liked today's chapter more because of the new aspects that were introduced about Setsu's mother Umeko, as well as the teaching phase. I still don't see the secondary ones as relevant other than Rai joining and not knowing exactly why, maybe because of Sawamura. If so, it really seems like the whole story is about Setsu, which isn't bad when they develop the secondary ones, but I only see two that are half developed, Yui and Kamiki, Maeda, I don't think so because she has had no growth, it goes on just as before, only without the grandmother. And as it is, the music sounds in the second half and the union of both harmonies sounded very good.

Sawamura Setsu, the new teacher of shamisen

First we get into Setsu's head, her feeling that I would have liked to see more of it. It turns out that, as expected, the members of the club do not know how to play, and Maeda asks Sawamura to teach them. He accepted this. Setsu is literally not sociable, very cold and calm who only knows how to express himself through his instrument, teaching very bad qualities so obviously he is not doing well and I think that frustrated him that they trusted him and has not been able to give the expected results. Although he asked his brother for advice and followed him, he only gave him patience and nothing else. Tension in the group increased due to Setsu's own feelings for daring to play and perform in a rough but good manner. Touch how it feels.

Quarrel between mother and son

Umeko seems to me to be an interesting character, many strangers accompany her. Her confrontation with her son is based on different feelings: Setsu decided to find her own sound, Umeko doesn't want the memory of her father to be lost. The mother implied this because she was the sponsor of the "Matsugoro Cup" named after her father. The arguments between parents and children are usually from two points of view or two ways of wanting to live life. Umeko did all of this to get Setsu to take part in the individual competition. It seems to me that this point has a lot to do with the inner character of the protagonist: he will never be able to find his sound alone, in a group he can find new harmonies. Curious about rejecting the individual means finding yourself because we only define ourselves in relation to others. What will Umeko have up its sleeve?

The fear of "you are you" and together

Professor Keiko, who wants to have contact, writes to Kamiki and sends him an audio with Setsu's interpretation. Kamiki hears him and shudders, which means fear of the young man's overwhelming potential. The one who helps them is not because of curiosity, as he said, but because of the curiosity of knowing how far he can go. When he speaks of the one with the potential, he is overwhelmed and Maeda encourages him by telling him that he is him. This may seem obvious and even silly, which is why they memorize an anime girl Parasity (Who are you [Izumi]?). This obvious simple phrase is the answer to Setsu's mental concerns about being like her grandfather, but Maeda tells her so and she knows she can find her sound and differentiate herself.

Then came the best part of the chapter Shinbushi played by Setsu and Kamiki. The ensemble they have formed is an almost perfect match. Kamiki played to calm the beast, and he succeeded because he dragged him and settled down to understand that he can adapt to others too. So it was a double help: it let the newbies see how to play Shinbushi in their basic form and to Setsu, who can slow down and control their emotions. Sawamura liked the latter because of his grandfather's memories. In the end, the club makes it.

It was fun. I still feel like they are leaving out some things, I see the anime being half fragmented. You can also enjoy the sound of the shamisen because this instrument is a friend,


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