The film was made by 2020 with worldwide sales of approximately $ 470 million. Demon Slayer: Infinity Train continues to be in the spotlight for both the excellent technical results curated by the Ufotable studio as well as the particular narrative developments introduced.

Indeed during the movie The protagonist Tanjiro faces different phasesHe also understands the long road that he must go to become more powerful, beginning with overcoming his own limits in clash with the demon Enmu. For now, however, Tanjiro remains Sacrifice of the demonic art of Enmufrom which he can only escape thanks to the help of his sister Nezuko's explosive blood.

As soon as they reach the train that gives the film its title, Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu are put to sleep by Enmu, and while his companions seem to have harmless dreams, the protagonist is transported back in time before his family was massacred. Desperate to wake him up Nezuko injures his forehead, which is starting to bleedand caused a surprising reaction in Tanjiro.

When Tanjiro comes into contact with his sister's abilities, he realizes that he is in a dream, and there he is completely enveloped in the pink flames that characterize Nezuko's powers transforms from the old version of himself into the current member of the Demon Slayer CorpsAs a result, he managed to wake up from the Enmu-induced sleep, not before seeing his loved ones again, to say the least, in a poignant scene. A very special scene that highlights how much Tanjiro has actually grown since the start of his journeymostly thanks to the support of his teachers and companions.

Recall that other details about breathing techniques have also come to light, and we'll leave you with the full story of the Infinity Train movie.

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