After being postponed from July 10th to this 2020 finale, it finally made its debut in Japanese cinemas twenty-third feature film in the Pokémon franchise. Ash and his monster friends return to the movies to meet a new creature prepared for the occasion, along with new characters.

In this version, which seems to be inspired by Tarzan, Ash meets Zarude, one of the most mysterious Pokémon of this generation. And Japanese viewers could also meet him as a Pokémon: Coco has finally arrived in theaters.

The debut of Pokémon: Coco in the cinema was good but not enough to come first. In fact, the new feature film had to be Give in to the overwhelming power of Demon Slayer Movie: Infinity Train That's been number one for 11 weeks, which has led him to break the historic record from Studio Ghibli's The Enchanted City.

The podium instead ends with Studio 4 ° C's Poupelle of Chimney Town, which beats the live action of The Promised Neverland and the new Doraemon movie. But there was another movie that hit theaters this week, which is Josee, the Tiger and the Fish from Studio BonesNinth place.

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