The superheroes of American comics are constantly experiencing special changes, whether it's major narrative changes that can mess up their lives as if they weren't already complex enough, or simple updates to their designs, as has recently happened Spider Man, by artist Dustin Weaver.

Marvel Comics has actually informed readers that as of the releases planned for March, particularly in Amazing Spider-Man # 62 and # 63, Peter Parker can rely on a new costumeand with never-before-seen technological improvements and features. The designer commented as follows: “This design was created in collaboration with Nick Spencer, Editor Nick Lowe. They worked out the most technological features, and I was responsible for creating something that looked simple, but but traditional and futuristic at the same time. Cant wait to see how Patrick Gleason will put it into action! "

The two numbers in question are actually edited by Nick Spencer and Patrick Gleason Weaver was the official illustrator of the cover variants which you can find at the bottom of the news. The costume appears to be a fusion between the costume worn by Peter in Future Foundation and the 2011 spider armor, and as the two reference suits moves away from the classic combination of blue and red and transforms it into blue and white, with which Spider-Man will again face the plans of the Kingpin Crime Lord.

Recall that JJ Abrams' recent story resulted in an unexpected sacrifice, and we leave you to a beautiful cosplay dedicated to the black cat.

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