A few months after the Star Wars: The High RepublicMarvel Comics publisher has decided to plunge into this era that partially redefined the universe timeline created by George Lucas with the release of Trail of Shadows, a Daniel José Older miniseries drawn by David Wachter. comes in October.

With mysterious and noir tones, Trail of shadows I will closely follow the adventures of two characters, Sian Holt and the Jedi Emerick Caphtor, who seem to have found traces of a possible and particularly powerful character. A threat that could upset not only the Jedi Order but also the present peace that the republic has achieved. It was also determined that the events of the series are directly related to what Cavan Scott recounts in the upcoming novel The Risign Storm.

Based on what was posted on the official Star Wars website, Trail of Shadows will be the last story set in the era of the High Republicalthough it seems unlikely that Marvel would want to leave such a specific time that could be further deepened in the future through spin-offs and perhaps other dedicated work. At the bottom of the page you will find a promotional image of the seriesand portrays the two young protagonists.

Recall that a character who appeared in the movie Solo was recently deepened and we leave you to the new Boba Fett costume that appeared in the series War of the Bounty Hunters.

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