My hero academia certainly falls within the Battle Shonen series most watched and cherished by manga fans, and while it appears as a great tribute to the world of American superhero comics, Horikoshi’s work is heavily influenced by the pillars of Japanese comics like Dragon Ball influenced or Jojo's bizarre adventure.

The growth of characters over time, the development of their powers, the hard training as shown in Dragon Ball Z, and the presence of Quirks characteristic of each of them, which is related to the concept of the stand Hirohiko Araki's introduction during the incredible journey that Jotaro Kujo and his companions experienced in Stardust Crusaders are some of the most obvious elements that are also present in My Hero Academia.

Based on this idea, the passionate @sevensignart created a great crossover by creating the fanart that you can see in the post that is reported at the bottom of the news Deku appears as GohanAs we saw during the intense and historical confrontation with Cell. By creating a set of 100% One For All and Super Saiyan 2, Midoriya was represented a particularly threatening expression, with his suit partially destroyed and tears in his eyes, aware that he has experienced brutalities and is ready to avenge it. What do you think of this crossover? Let us know with a comment below.

Keep in mind that All Might still seems to be the community's most popular hero, and we'll leave you to the spoiler pics for episode 5x10.

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