THE Frutti del Diavolo are one of the main elements of ONE PIECE. They appear from the beginning of the manga and can give a unique power to those who eat them, making them lose the ability to swim in the water. The fruits are divided into three broad categories: Paramisha, Zoo Zoo, and Rogia. We have already seen which are the 5 most powerful Rogia.

But what are they five paramisha stronger than ONE PIECE? Because of their versatility and variability, it is not easy to rank them, and often they are not among the most powerful devil fruits in the manga, but there are some that stand out in particular.

One example is that Soul soul fruit from Big Mom, a paramisha capable of sustaining souls from people to feed his own. By taking advantage of this trait, the owner can practically kill or limit the life span of his opponent, since the soul also corresponds to the life span. In addition, he can let his soul flow into various objects and elements and thus create loyal companions with different powers.

There are those too Zushi Zushi fruit, owned by Admiral Fujitora. Thanks to this devil fruit, it is possible to manipulate gravity. Although its strength varies depending on how it is used by the owner, the variety of attacks that can be used is great and always terrifying. Another fruit that deserves the top 5 paramisha is that Magellan's Documentary Documentary. Apparently a Rogia, it is actually a Paramisha as it does not transform its owner into the Element. Its peculiarity is to be able to expel different types of poison, which can have different effects depending on the dose used.

That deserves a mention too Gura Gura from Weißbart, but currently owned by Marshall D. Teach who is considered by many to be the most powerful Devil Fruit of ONE PIECE. The user can create earthquakes with the simple influence of force and transmit the waves by both air and land. However, the greatest effect is achieved when the enemy is touched directly, which is thus completely overwhelmed by the attack.

Finally in the Top 5 is the ope ope fruitowned by the Trafalgar Law. The Ope Ope is an extremely versatile fruit that also has great attack power. You can perform many operations in his room, such as: B. cut the body of the opponent without killing them, exchange parts of all kinds and even change the soul. For this reason, the ope-ope fruit has long been the target of Doflamingo, who wanted to use it to gain eternal life.

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