After completing the fourth season of CastlevaniaAt the end of the Trevor Belmont, Sypha and Alucard story and the enthusiastic response from the community, Powerhouse Animation Studios revealed some very interesting concept art, including the original idea of ​​the character of death.

Although the world has been freed from the threat of Dracula At the end of the second season, the protagonists had to deal with several other antagonists, including Queen Carmilla death, one of the most recurring characters in the franchise, starting with the first video games released by Konami.

It was therefore a big and pleasant surprise for the fans that death plays a very important role in the final stages of the fourth season in which it played tried to bring Dracula back to life, incredibly efficient at killing large numbers of people and thereby empowering them. About two weeks after the series debuted on Netflix, the animation studio Powerhouse Animation released Death's great concept artand from the two real skeletons that Trevor and Sypha met during their adventure, in the following post.

Recall that Carmilla's cruelty was portrayed in a beautiful tattoo and we leave you to the recent interview with the anime's executive producer.

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