Recent developments in the anime series Boruto: Naruto the next generations showed a profound change in the state of Kawaki's character, who was housed in the Uzumaki family, closely followed by Naruto himself, who had to face a member of the Kara organization directly and was injured.

There Fight with Delta, an internal member of the Kara organization Not only was he one of the most powerful and skillful, but he also put the seventh Hokage to the test, who, along with his daughter, was saved only thanks to a timely action Kawaki, who blocked an extremely strong beam from the enemy, lost his right arm. Fortunately, thanks to both the scientist Katasuke and the generosity of Naruto himself, the boy receives a replacement prosthesis.

As the preview of episode 201 entitled "Empty Tears" shows, Kawaki will face Kurama, the nine-tailed fox who lives in Naruto. Affected by the profound resemblance between the young man and the Hokage, The seeker immediately shows interest in Kawakibut who is particularly impressed and surprised as can be seen from the promotional images @ Abdul_S17 shared on Twitter in the post you can find on the news below.

So it seems that Kurama could play a potentially important role in the development of Kawaki's powers and certainly relevant to the series' future implications before returning to follow the events told in the manga. Recall that the Kara organization will return to attack in the next few episodes, and we leave you to discuss the current state of Mitsuki, freed from the shadow of the character of Orochimaru.

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