After transforming into a demon, Nezuko Kamado has become quite a unique creature. Originally it had the traits of creatures that haunt the night, with a craving for human flesh and blood. But it took a little bit of her brother Tanjiro's voice to calm her down and start the special journey Demon Hunter.

The story of Nezuko Kamado has been so troubled since the beginning of the story, but the girl has tried to use her new powers, albeit unconsciously, to help her brother. His special abilities include des Change body size at willto become both a child and a grown woman. In Demon Slayer Season 1, we see her intention to pursue Nezuko Run, which goes viral. As a child, she begins to run to avoid being hit by Kocho Shinobu.

This rather hilarious scene was filmed by the brilliant Lonelyman, the cosplayer who creates his disguises in a cheap and fun way. So here's one Nezuko cosplay with low cost, crafted with few clothing items and accessories and a little forethought to simulate the small size of Tanjiro's demonic sister. What do you think of this interpretation of Lonelyman? You can see the post below, taken from his Instagram account.

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