While the second course of the anime Spy x Family Twilights continues Operation Stryx, the Manga series by Tatsuya Endo it has reached one of its most intense phases. Little students at Eden Academy were involved in a terrorist attack and Anya was taken hostage.

there Eden Academy is one of the most prestigious schools in Ostania and as such only the lucky children of the most important and wealthy families in the country have access to it. A group of terrorists took advantage of this and stormed the bus carrying the academy's students to demand ransom.

Attracted too much attention Anya and Becky are targeted by terrorists. The little counterfeiter in particular loses, as she is forced to wear a bomb device around her neck. If he made any more risky gestures, the bomb would go off, resulting in the deaths of everyone present.

As Papa Loid is currently on a mission out of country and Mama Yor is unaware of the situation, Anya's life really seems to be in danger. However, thanks to his telepathic powers, he discovers that the device is really just a toy. The bomb won't kill Anya, who then kicks her, scaring Damian, Becky, and all of her other classmates to death. We leave you with an interview published by the author of Spy x Family.

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