All For One capitalized on the resentment of mutants, who have always been disliked by the racist section of Japanese society My Hero Academyto start a revolution led by Spinner. To stop this movement, which in reality aims at the liberation of Kurogiri and not the rights of mutants, two young heroes from Yuei High School have lined up.

Chapter 372 of My Hero Academia begins with a flashback where we see Shoji and Koda being briefed on the situation by the Fox woman and asking to take sides in the fight to stop the mutant revolution. The two students are visibly impressed by this cause that affects them personally.

Back to the present, My Hero Academia 371's monster challenge continues. Shoji delivers his final blow to Spinner, the Octo expansion that manages to destroy the defensive scales covering the rogue lizard's body. On the other hand, the awakening of Koda's Quirk in My Hero Academia 371 leads to the final attack by the Hitchcock Birds, silencing the spider villain who has been fueling the mutants.

Present Mic recognizes that his students have done their best and that despite their age, they are far stronger than anyone could expect. However, Spinner mutates again and becomes even more monstrous and out of control. With what little sanity he has left, he tries to motivate the revolutionaries who, until recently, fearlessly followed him. However, Shoji's words had an effect and Spinner now finds himself alone in battle.

Chapter 372 of Kohei Horikoshi's work ends with Spinner managing to enter the Central Hospital and break into Kurogiri's detention room. Present Mic also arrives at the same time. One desperately calls his friend in unison Shirakumowhile the other calls back Kurogiri. Which of the two calls is answered? A clue is given to us in the My Hero Academia 373 spoilers.

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