In Chainsaw Man 1x05 the Fourth Division got a new task. Denji, Aki, Power and the others are on the trail of the Devil Gunthe monstrous being, its appearance it caused over a million victims. However, before the protagonists can get to him, it is imperative that they obtain some of his fragments.

In Chainsaw Man 1x06, Denji's team falls into a trap. In search of a fragment of the body of the Devil's Gun, which is in a motel, they come captive of the devil of eternity. The Fourth Public Security Division is stuck on the eighth floor in freezing weather and with no way out.

The only way out of the structure is to complete the deal that the devil of eternity proposed, Kill Denji in exchange for safety. However, it is Aki who forces his comrades to refuse this condition. Although he doesn't care about Denji's life at all, he is one of the few who can contribute to the fight with the Devil Gun.

Finally exhausted in body and mind Kobeni and Arai folded. They launch to attack Denji but seriously injure Aki. Astonished by his colleague's gesture and seeing no other solution, Denji decides to throw himself in the mouth of the voracious devil of eternity.

In Chainsaw Man 1x07, Denji transforms into Chainsaw Man to try and get the Devil of Eternity to feel as much pain as he can find his heart. However, the antagonist is now a gigantic and dangerous amenity. Will the protagonist be able to survive this suicide attack? there The seventh part of Chainsaw Man will be released on November 22nd 2022.

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