Discussions about the end of have surfaced on the web on several occasions Dragon Ball GT, especially regarding that scene where Goku travels on the back of the Shenron dragon and then slowly vanishes into thin air. However, this heartwarming moment has a close connection to a specific character.

For the uninitiated, Goku comes from Son Wukong, a mythological figure who represents the so-called "King Monkey'inner text'Journey to the West'. It's a story to which Akira Toriyama He was very inspired to sketch his own protagonist, but also the End of Dragon Ball GTwhich has recently made a comeback in terms of canonicity discourse has some features closely linked to this myth.

In the story quoted above son Wukong turns a dragon into the horse that its master then rides journey to enlightenment. The journey in question, which requires realizing the 7 factors of enlightenment through passing many trials, culminates in the ascent to immortality. Coincidentally, 7 is also the number of Dragon Balls needed to summon Shenoron, the entity capable of granting a wish.

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