The world of Dragon Ball has a few locations that have become iconic throughout the manga. Akira Toriyama inspired us with the Kame House, the Tenkaichi Tournament Island, the Capsule Corporation, the Shrine of God and the Karin Tower. But there is a special one Dragon Ball Mangaka would love to visit.

There are many curiosities about Dragon Ball, some of which were revealed by Master Akira Toriyama. Many were revealed through interviews and through additions to the manga volumes. One concerns a place that Toriyama would particularly like to visit. The author revealed it to the question "If you were to travel, what place would you like to visit?" naturally related to the world of Dragon Ball, and Toriyama responded to the sanctuary of God.

As you will remember, the shrine is located above the Karin Tower, and it initially took Goku's historic red retractable staff to reach it. Popo and the god of the earth live here, first the good counterpart to the Great Little Magician and then Dende.

A place in the air, above the clouds, calm and outdoors. What place in the world of Dragon Ball would you like to visit instead? All of this may not have existed if things had turned out differently than they did in Dragon Ball Sai.

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