With the release of Beelzebub between 2009 and 2014, mangaka Ryuhei Tamura made a name for himself around the world as one of the best artists on the court. Almost ten years after the end of his most successful work, the author is back with a new work. here are the first details on Ryuhei Tamura's Cosmos.

On the Shogakukan's Sunday GX magazine It became known that the Beelzebub author will launch a new manga titled Cosmos in the next issue of the same magazine. Releases April 19th The first chapter will be 80 pages and will conquer the cover of the magazine with a color illustration to celebrate the debut.

According to the first available information Cosmos follows the story of an alien and a being about which the publisher has kept the strictest silence. High schooler Kaede Mizumori can see through people's lies, but still tries to keep a low profile. One day he meets a high school boy named Rin Homura.

After the 240 chapters of Beelzebub published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump, Tamura will switch teams by marrying Shogakukan. Will he be able to impress audiences with his second work, which will be released on the Sunday GX? We remind you that the Beelzebub anime is available to stream on Prime Video and that Tamura was photographed in the company of Tite Kubo and other Jump writers.

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