Pokémon Today it is one of the most popular brands, loved by many fans around the world. The monsters created by Satoshi Tajiri still attract a lot of young people thanks to video games, but mostly thanks to the card game originally produced by Wizards of the Coast and now published by The Pokémon Company.

It's about A trading card game that is constantly updatedor with new expansions that add new shiny cards, variants like Full Art, Gold, and even the latest cards can hit very high numbers in the collection area. The most coveted papers, of course, remain those of the first issues that recently enabled a boy to pay for his medical degree.

Caleb KingAs a freshman at the University of North Carolina, he spent much of his childhood and youth collecting many sets of Pokémon cards, which initially went against his parents' recommendations. So far, however This collection grossed approximately $ 80,000 for Caleb through auctions on eBay, a number that allowed him to invest in his future in academia. Below is the service that is broadcast on the FOX station.

Recall that Pikachu was valued at around $ 700, and we'll let you preview Ash's next fight in the Pokémon Exploration franchise.

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