Warning! This review on Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter yet, I recommend doing it and then going back to read the review.

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Episode 6: Magic Swords Tournament

We're starting the sixth episode of the anime Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Everyone has dinner at Anos after the test. Later in school, Lay and Anos are selected to compete in an Academy magical sword tournament. So you need to get a sword for the tournament. Anos suspects the nobles' motivation to choose him so that he can investigate. The Unitarians bring Anos to the aristocrat Melheis, who claims to present himself with the aim of meeting the real Demon King, and also tells him how little he remembers what happened then and explains that his memories are manipulated and have been deleted.

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Then Anos finds out at home that her mother taught Misha how to make dinner and they agree on a way out. In a cafeteria, Mischa and Anos meet Ivis in the form of a cat while incognito searches for Anos and provides information about Melheis and the Unitarians, as everything indicates that the tournament could be a trap. During the tournament, Anos' mother defends him against ridicule and criticism while his father arrives just in time to give him the adamantine sword he forged himself. All this motivates Anos to decide to participate in the tournament despite everything, who advised him against it.

Episode 7: A Mother's Words

Episode seven begins with Anos beating Kurt Ludowell in a minute, which annoyed his sister Professor Emilia Ludowell very much. Lay also decides to leave the Demon King's group and join an association of nobles. When Anos finds out, he confronts him and finds that he is under the spell of contractual magical swords. From this they conclude that they could take his mother hostage. . Anos con Misa arrives at the hospital where Lay's mother is almost dying. She lets him know that her son was only trying to save her from the disease through a deal with the nobles.

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While Anos and Misa try to help Lay's mother, the Unitarians and Anos' mother are still on their way home when Professor Emilia Ludowell attacks them to take the sword. Anos appears just before Emilia could harm her mother, so she heals them all and then takes Emilia to the academy, where she treats them as she deserves. She also curses them by turning them into a mixed race with no possibility of ever being reborn a noble Plus.

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Lay appears at the hospital and breaks the spell, causing Misa to pass out. Then her mother wakes up and asks him to let her go so she can be free and live as he wants. Then she is passed out again. The next day is the final of the tournament, in which the two remaining finalists Lay Gransdan and Anos Voldigar compete against each other.

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The little big family of Anos

We have waited a while for more details about the peculiar family of the Demon King. First of all, let me tell you that his parents are not demonic, but people who lived in another kingdom, a young couple who was waiting for their baby but knew he could die at any time. The whole pregnancy was difficult, her little one was about to die in her womb, and there was little hope that the baby would survive, but this did not stop his parents and keep them in hope that despite their desperation a miracle preserved could become pass, so Anos' mother not only asked the gods for her son, but also offered prayers for the devil and for any power, spirit, or magic that would enable her to have her child.

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When it turned out that they had a beautiful, healthy child, they couldn't be more than happy and grateful to have him, although very soon they discovered that he was no ordinary baby and that they had to adapt their lives to take care of him to be careful. In the past life of Anos, he had no family, loving or close experience as he does not remember or know nothing about his parents. When the letter from the academy arrived a month after he was born, he had no qualms about just leaving, but his parents would not allow it and they moved in with him so that Anos could follow his dream and continue with them at the same time.

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Hence, there is no doubt that they love him and not that he is successful or powerful. They just love him for being his son, and when they experience their sincere and disinterested love, they cannot help but love and care for them.

A date between friends

There is no such thing as an infallible formula for love, and I don't know if we could say that Mischa and Anos have a romantic future but the mutual admiration and respect they will have if it could be a start. I know that we all admire different people and ideas, and that's why we don't necessarily fall in love with anyone. I say that admiration for a virtue, quality, or whatever attracts you first to someone, is the medium for a romantic opportunity. While this is not a guarantee of anything, and it is likely that they will just form a beautiful and strong friendship, I admit that I would not dislike seeing them together in any other way.

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Unconditional support

In these two episodes we could see how important a mother is to our beloved Anos and Lay and how in both cases the unconditional love and support of their mothers motivates and fills them with courage to face the world, even when they have to do something what they shouldn't do, like in the case of Lay and his mother. Lay was clearly happy to join Anos' group but suddenly had to join an association of nobles if he was to keep his mother alive. It seems to me that Lay handled it as well as he could and his motivation for doing everything independently is perfectly understood whether he was wrong or not.

And also years after he first saved his mother from Emilia Ludowell's attack, we could see that he was really angry and wanted to be hurt. Personally, I loved this part and although it is a little different from the manga in the sense that it doesn't hurt her that much in the anime, even if he kills and punishes her by cursing her and turning her mixed race now and forever . So far it is the first time Anos has punished someone so severely, and I think it is not surprising that this happened when there is a being of light that no one should ever mess with, that is clearly the breasts.

Final comment

Finally, it's still pending how to resolve all the outstanding things, but at least despite the wait, we can't complain that interesting things aren't happening with the new characters that make everything even more fascinating. Anos is certainly not going to ignore Lay's mother's request, and doing so by his side will clearly go as far as he should for his mother. For now we just have to wait and see how it is resolved. If there was anything I needed to mention or you'd like to share, please leave it in the comments. I will be happy to read it.


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