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Episode 3: Sasha's Intentions

We start the third episode of Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Sasha apologized to her sister and tried to mend their relationship. Later at school during class, one of the seven demonic aristocrats, Ivis Necron, appeared, whom Anos stopped because he had to remember him as they both lived together in the mythical era. Anos discovers that Ivis Necron's memories have been altered. Ivis assures that he will remain neutral in what is cleared because everyone believes the Founder Demon King is called differently when in reality he is the real Founder.

After that everyone shows up for a test in the castle and Anos assures them that they will get the maximum number of points as he knows exactly where the Demon King's scepter is, since the academy is his old castle. In the chamber where the scepter was, Anos takes Misha to a room where she finds beautiful and priceless items from which to choose the ones she would like for her birthday present. Mischa gives her present to Sasha, who is happy but betrays it almost immediately afterwards and escapes with the scepter.

Episode 4: Fifteenth birthday

We start the fourth episode with Anos asking Misha for an explanation of what is happening to Sasha, and she tells him that Misha Necron will disappear at five in the morning on his fifteenth birthday to return to Sasha because it really is They weren't sisters, but the same person. Mischa asks the founder for help in solving the problems with her sister and getting the answers that left her rejection. The Demon King blocks Sasha's path and confronts her to give Misha the truth that she owes him, why he despises her. She agrees to tell him the truth if he helps her finish a powerful spell that will allow her to destroy the dark fate that has come to them. approximately.

Anos accepts when he realizes that everything was a theater set up by Sasha to save Misha. Unfortunately, the magic fails because Misha could never refuse her sister, which shows that both of them have done everything for love in their own way. The situation took a turn when Anos tried to send the sisters back in time to save Misha. The sisters accept, but first they have to face Ivis Necron and the God of Time trying to prevent this from happening. It seemed impossible, but the Demon King won a battle against the god of time by managing to separate his roots and give each one their own life.

Episode 5: A new student

The fifth episode begins with an event from the past in which Anos is Shin, an ally, who asks him to be reborn so that he can follow him in another life and additionally wants to fight with the hero Canon. Currently the Academy is trying to humiliate Anos and his group but this does not allow things to go very far and leaves his teacher and his failed malice in evidence. From what happened in class, they know that she is the leader of the Unitarians who are trying to unite the mestizos with the nobility. She asks Anos to allow her to join him, and he asks her to demonstrate what they are capable of.

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The next day they meet Ray Gransdan, a very powerful nobleman who will do anything to show Anos that he is worth following. In the next test, the Unitarians and Ray fight together against the Demon King and his group. The new kid shares his power with his group without stopping him from having an exciting fight with Anos, who often did not fight anyone who could keep up with him. The test took longer than normal, but it was used to allow applicants to prove themselves against Anos and thus demonstrate their skills and commitment.

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Reunions and reconciliations

The final episodes of the anime Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha represent a fresh start for Misha and Sasha as they had the opportunity, without planning, to have each other as sisters and love each other freely and share daily life without feeling like that their time is running out together. On the other hand, Anos appears to have found an ally among the nobles who is believed to be someone with whom he shared two thousand years ago.

New alliances and relationships are forged, preparing powerful subjects for the Demon King and everything that threatens to happen as soon as it becomes known who prepared this conspiracy against Anos. The patience with which Anos presents himself is admirable, although he could if he wanted to make it clear to everyone that he is the Founding Demon King. However, he is in no hurry to prove anything, but allows himself to be revealed by others to find out what their motives are and what he can expect from people. Finding out who is the founder's traitor is of paramount importance for the Demon King, but it is also important to take care of the academy's activities as they are the means by which he presents himself and shows who he is while he finds out who betrayed him.

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The Necron sisters

Friendship and love are strong bonds that give people the impulse and the courage not to give up when they can no longer bear it. They connect you to this world when you find it empty and tasteless. You will always see differences, problems, and things on the outside that affect the environment, maybe even enormous distances between them, but we know that if there were an "unbreakable bond" one of them would necessarily have to be that of the brothers . The love one feels for a sister is total, loyalty is indisputable, and in the heart there is only a wish that they are happy or healthy.

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Now they have a future, which means they have a life of their own, in addition to having someone they love dearly, to share and discover how they are each other, or at least what they bring to an end feel now when they are separate elements. The good news is that this is in no important way separating them. Your life will always be connected no matter which path you choose.

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Final comment

Anos promises to keep it interesting and to allow the Necron sisters to share a purpose and be allies. Interesting things should happen in the meantime. The demon king Anos Voldigar is gradually gaining support and reputation.

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